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Rom. Adj. Touch +

Romanian Adjectives - Touch and Taste

fierbinte hot, boiling
răcoros breezy
accidentat rough, uneven, bumpy, hilly
rece chilly, cold, cool
înfiorător creepy, dreadful, gruesome, awful
strâmb crooked, curved, slanting
drăgălaș cuddly, dainty, lovely
ondulat curly, wavy, winding
deteriorat damaged
umede damp
murdar dirty, filthy
curat clean, neat, pure, fresh
uscat dry
prăfuit dusty
cu fulgii flaky
pufos fluffy, soft, puffy
îngheţare freezing
cald warm
umed wet, moist, humid
amar bitter
proaspăt fresh, new, crisp
gras greasy, fatty, oily
suculent juicy, succulent, luscious
de gheață icy
topit melted, molten
nutritiv nutritious
înțepător prickly, stinging, sharp
ploios rainy
putred rotten, putrid
sărat salty
lipicios sticky, glutinous, viscous
puternic strong, powerful, potent
dulce sweet, fresh, smooth
acru tart, sour
insipid tasteless, flavorless
slab weak, loose, poor
lemnos wooden, woody
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