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Challenge New Natio

Freedom of Speech being allowed to say what we think
Freedom of Religion the right to choose a religion and attend a church of your choice
Freedom of the Press the right to print whatever you want
Freedom of Assembly the right to gather in public or private
What were the Articles of Confederation? The first form of written laws for the United States
What was the problem with the Articles of Confederation? The laws were weak for federal government/power and strong in state government/power.
Name three of the main leaders of the Constitutional Convention? George Washington, Benjamin Franklin & James Madison
Who is known as the "father of the Constitution" and why? James Madison because he already had a plan for the 3 branches of government
What is the Great Compromise? The idea that the new government would represent the people with a 2 house legislature
What is the 3/5ths compromise? Each slave would only count as 3/5th of a person towards the population of that state.
What is the Slave trade compromise? allowed the Atlantic slave trade to continue
Which document is an addition to the US Constitution that gives people many personal freedoms? The Bill of Rights
Who was the War 1812 between? Britain and United States
What were some causes of the War of 1812? British used its navy to interfere with US trade,British were helping Native Americans resist westward expansion, British were capturing US sailors and imprisoning them.
Sojourner Truth Abolitionist and Leader of Women's Suffrage
Elizabeth Cady Stanton Leader of Women's Suffrage
Harriet Tubman Abolitionist, worked on the underground railroad, union spy
What is the purpose of the preamble to the Constitution? to introduce the Constitution and explain the major points of the Constitution
What was a form of British retaliation during the War of 1812? British soldiers burned the White House, US Capitol and most of Washington DC.
Who won the War of 1812? United States
Created by: ctabor