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Unit 3 Westward Exp

Westward Expansion

Who did the United States purchase the Louisiana Territory from? France
Who was President at the time of the purchase? Thomas Jefferson
Who did President Jefferson ask to explore the newly purchased land? William Clark & Merriweather Lewis
What was the goal of the expedition? to follow the Missouri river to its source and then proceed to the Pacific Ocean
Who helped Lewis & Clark acting as their guide? Sacagawea
While on the expedition what did Lewis & Clark keep a record of? They mapped the region and kept a record of new plants and animals that they discovered.
Why did the Texans shout "Remeber the Alamo!" as they fought Santa Anna? They wanted to remember the Texans who lost their lives fighting for independence.
What is gold fever? the desire to find gold and get rich.
What trail did the settlers heading west travel on? The Oregon Trail
The Erie Canal connected which two bodies to water together? Lake Erie and Hudson River
What happened at The Alamo? The Alamo was the scene of a battle in the fight for independence of Texas from Mexico.
Who was at the battle of The Alamo? William Travis, Davy Crockett, 200 Texan volunteers and thousands of Mexican soldiers led by General Santa Anna
When and where did battle at the Alamo happen? March, 1836 in San Antonio, Texas
What best explains the call for a declaration of war on Great Britain in 1812? The British interference with western expansionism.
What events led Americans to declare War in 1812? 1. Problems between Americans and American Indians 2. Trade problems between America and Britain
During whose Presidency did the War of 1812 take place? James Madison
How was the city of Washington DC affected by the War of 1812? The British destroyed the White House and the US Capitol
During the 1800s the US purchased a lot of land to increase its land mass. One of the first purchases doubled the size of the country. This purchase is referred to as the... Louisiana Purchase
Around 300, 000 people voluntarily traveled west in the 1800s over what well known path? The Oregon Trail
Which event led to the rapid population growth of California? The discovery of gold convinced people to travel west and start gold mining and gold panning
How was Lewis & Clark's exploration of the Missouri River important for westward expansion? The waterway became a major route for people to move west
Which Native American helped Lewis & Clark while they explored the Louisiana Territory? Sacagawea
Some of Lewis & Clark's exploration achievements were... 1. mapped the west 2. explored the length of the Missouri River 3. established friendly relations with Native Americans 4. opened up the west to the fur trade
What was the western boundary of the Louisiana Purchase? the Rocky Mountains
In 1838, US Troops began forcing thousands of Cherokee Indians west to Oklahoma from their homeland in north Georgia. The journey saw 4,000 Cherokees die in the terrible conditions. What was this event called? The Trail of Tears
In the late 1700s many pioneers started moving into the Ohio Valley. What impact did this white movement have on the Native Americans already living in the Ohio Valley? The Native Americans were forced to move west of the Mississippi River.
The journey on the Oregon Trail was long and difficult. It took four to six months to travel the 2,000 miles trail from Independence, Missouri to Oregon. Pioneers faced many hardships along the way. Why were people willing to make this journey? They thought they would have better opportunities in Oregon
What was the typical result of Native American children being sent to a US government boarding school? They were forced to give up their culture
Which of the following is a common nickname for the Battle of Little Bighorn? Custer's Last Stand
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