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Westward Expansion

Who did the United States purchase the Louisiana Territory from? France
Who was President at the time of the purchase? Thomas Jefferson
Who did President Jefferson ask to explore the newly purchased land? William Clark & Merriweather Lewis
What was the goal of the expedition? to follow the Missouri river to its source and then proceed to the Pacific Ocean
Who helped Lewis & Clark acting as their guide? Sacagawea
While on the expedition what did Lewis & Clark keep a record of? They mapped the region and kept a record of new plants and animals that they discovered.
Why did the Texans shout "Remeber the Alamo!" as they fought Santa Anna? They wanted to remember the Texans who lost their lives fighting for independence.
What is gold fever? the desire to find gold and get rich.
What trail did the settlers heading west travel on? The Oregon Trail
The Erie Canal connected which two bodies to water together? Lake Erie and Hudson River
How did the steamboat impact America? Farmers were able to send crops/products downstream then travel home faster.
How did the Steam locomotive impact America? linked cities and ports for transportation of goods, products, and people
How did the telegraph impact America? allowed for faster and better communication
What happened at The Alamo? The Alamo was the scene of a battle in the fight for independence of Texas from Mexico.
Who was at the battle of The Alamo? William Travis, Davy Crockett, 200 Texan volunteers and thousands of Mexican soldiers led by General Santa Anna
When and where did battle at the Alamo happen? March, 1836 in San Antonio, Texas
Created by: ctabor