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Eilidh 2

Eilidh's Higher Biology Revision Unit 2

What environmental conditions do you associate with Xerophytes Dry and Hot (desert)
Give 2 leaf adaptions of Xerophytes Surface area reduced to spines, Rolled leaves, Stomatal pits, Thcker waxy cuticle
Give 2 root adaptations Long deep roots Extensive shallow roots
How do shallow roots help xerophytes optimal absorption of rain
Where would you find Hyrdophytes In water
Name a boyancy adaptation in Hyrdophytes Increased air spaces in leaves and stem
Name a stomatal adaptation in Hydrophytes No stomata on underside and increased stomata on upper surface of floating leaves
Name 3 factors that affect Transpiration Wind, Temperature, Humidity.
What affect does high humidity have on Transpiration? Decreases it
How do guard cells open stomata They become More turgid
Other than supply water for Photosynthesis, give two other uses of the transpiration stream Supplies minerals to leaves, Cools leaves
What are the two "attractive" forces in Transpiration Adhesion, Cohesion.
What is used to locate genes on chromosomes gene probes
What enzyme cuts DNA endonuclease
What enzyme glues DNA strands together Ligase
What enzyme is needed to make protoplasts Cellulase
What are the 3 groups of isolating mechanisms that cause speciation Geographical, Ecological, Reproductive.
What are the 4 different Gene mutations Insertion, Deletion, Substitution, Inversion
What are the 4 Chromosome mutations Deletion, Duplication, Inversion, Translocation.
Name a mutagenic agent X-rays, gamma rays, UV light, Mustard gas, Colchicine.
Name a condition caused by non-dysjuction Down's syndrome, Turner's syndrome, Klinefelter's syndrome, Edward's syndrome
Can sex linked disorders be passed from father to son? NO
Are cells haploid after the first Meiotic division? Yes
Does polyploidy result in hybrid vigour? Yes
What is hybrid vigour Enhanced characteristics such as increased crop yeild or increased disease resistance.
Created by: nscobie