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Virology - Individual viruses and families

Herpes (HSV) Icosahedral, Enveloped, dsDNA - nucleus replication (3 rounds of transcription), portal of entry = epithelium, target = nerves, latency in neurons as an episome
Adenovirus Icosahedral, Naked, dsDNA - nucleus replication (2 rounds of transcription), Antereceptors
Papilloma (HPV) (& Polymomavirus) Icosahedral, Naked, dsDNA - nucleus replication (3 rounds of transcription), infect basal cells, replicate in spinosum, capsid/shed in corneum
Poxvirus Complex, Enveloped (from Golgi), dsDNA - cytoplasm replication, makes mRNA in capsid upon entry
Parvovirus Slapped Cheek (5th Disease), Icosahedral, Naked, ssDNA, receptor-mediated endocytosis, can cause hydrops fetalis (causing a spontaneous miscarriage), only DNA virus not capable of transformation
Picornavirus Polio & Hep A (HAV), Icosahedral, Naked, (+) RNA - full genome, IRES for ribosome binding, forms a polyprotein
Flavivirus Hep C (HCV), Icosahedral, Enveloped, (+) RNA - full genome, forms a polyprotein
Coronavirus SARS & MERS, Helical, enveloped, (+) RNA - subgenomic
Togavirus Icosahedral, Enveloped, (+) RNA - subgenomic
Calcivirus Hep E (HEV), Icosahedral, Naked, (+) RNA - subgenomic
HIV Icosahedral, Enveloped, retrovirus, diploid, able to cause transformation, high frequency of homologous recombination with other viruses
Paramyxovirus RSV/Measles/Mumps, Helical, Enveloped, (-) RNA - nonsegmented, CPE = syncytium (caused by "fusion protein on envelope), portal of entry = upper resp, target = epithelium / lymphatics
Rhabdovirus Rabies, Helical, Enveloped, (-) RNA - nonsegmented
Filovirus Ebola, Helical, Enveloped, (-) RNA - nonsegmented
Orthomyxovirus Influenza A, Helical, Enveloped, (-) RNA - segmented (7-8 segments), receptor-mediated endocytosis, M2 H+ channel dissociates RNA from envelope (target of antivirals), reassortment causes antigenic shift
Bunyavirus Arthropod (mosquito/ticks/fleas/rodents)-borne diseases, Helical, Enveloped (but not matrix proteins), (-) RNA - segmented (3 segments), Symptoms = encephalitis, Hemorrhagic fever, Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome
Rotovirus (aka Reovirus) Gastroenteritis in kids, icosahedral, Naked, dsRNA
Hepadenavirus Hep B (HBV), Icosahedral, Enveloped, Relaxed Circular Partially Duplexed DNA
Arenavirus Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis (LCM) & Hemorrhagic Fever (Lassa), Icosahedral, Enveloped, Ambisense RNA, Receptor-mediated endocytosis, rodent vectors in tropics, persistent infections
Created by: c.phill