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replication strategies

Site of replication for RNA viruses cytoplasm (except segmented negative strand RNA viruses [flu] and dsRNA viruses [Rotovirus])
Site of replication for DNA viruses Nucleus (except ds DNA viruses [pox])
Herpes, Papilloma, Adenovirus dsDNA viruses - nucleus replication (I)
Poxvirus dsDNA virus - cytoplasm replication (NI)
Parvovirus (slap cheek), Autonomous Adeno-associated virus ssDNA virus (I)
Picornavirus, Flaviviruses Positive RNA virus (one genome size) (I)
Coronavirus, Togavirus, Hep A Positive RNA virus (1+ subgenomic mRNA) (I)
HIV Retrovirus (positive ssRNA , diploid) (NI)
Paramyxovirus (RSV), Rhabdovirus (Rabies), Filovirus (Ebola) Nonsegmented Negative RNA virus (NI)
Bunyavirus (arthopod-bourne) , Orhomyxovirus (flu) Segmented Negative RNA virus (NI)
Reovirus, Rotovirus (GI problems in kids) dsRNA virus (NI)
Hepadenovirus Relaxed Circular Partially Duplexed DNA (NI)
Arenavirus (LCM and Hemorrhagic fever) Ambisense virus (I)
dsDNA virus - Nucleus Replication dependent on host RNA pol. 2-3 rounds of transcription: 1st and 2nd = mRNA for viral proteins need for DNA replication, 3rd = structural proteins
dsDNA virus - cytoplasm replication brings along all factors for transcription and replication (including RNA pol). Replicates progeny genome from parental and forms mRNA for structural proteins and viral machinary
ssDNA virus dependent on host machinery. Convert ssDNA to dsDNA which is used to make progeny ssDNA and mRNA for viral specific proteins
(+) RNA virus coding for one genome size Use host machinery and parental RNA to form polypeptide of viral proteins and viral RNA Pol. Use parental RNA and viral pol to form 1st a (-) RNA and then (+) progeny RNA
(+) RNA virus coding for 1+ Subgenomic mRNA 5' end of parental RNA is used to make viral RNA pol. Viral RNA pol and all of parental RNA used to make (-) RNA strand. (-) strand used to make subgenomic (+) RNA for structural proteins and and full genomic (+) strand for progeny RNA
Retrovirus (+ ssRNA diploid) viral RT & tRNA form DNA/RNA hybrid. RNAase form (-)ssDNA that RT uses to form dsDNA. integrase inserts dsDNA in host. LTR acts as promoter causing host to form mRNA for gag (structural proteins), pol (protease, integrase, RT).progeny bud from membrane.
Nonsegmented (-) RNA Virus Viral RNA pol forms a (+) mRNA that codes for viral proteins and (-) RNA for progeny.
Segmented (-) RNA Virus Viral RNA pol form (+) mRNA from parental segments. (+) mRNA is used to make viral proteins and (-) RNA for progeny
dsRNA Virus Viral RNA pol creates (+)mRNA used to form viral proteins and, in a subparticle, (-) RNA that viral RNA pol uses to create dsRNA. Progeny bud from ER to obtains a membrane that gets replaced with outer caspid proteins. The cell lyses to release progeny
Relaxed Circular Partially Duplexed DNA Virus Viral RT & Ligase finish partially duplexed DNA and close up to form cccDNA. Host RNA pol uses cccDNA to form subgenomic mRNA for RT,core,viral proteins & full genomic mRNA that RT & RNAase convert to (-)DNA & then part. dsDNA
Ambisense Virus Virus endocytosed & uncoated. L(-) is for (+)mRNA for viral RNA pol. (-) part of S(+/-) is used for mRNA for nucleoproteins. Viral RNA pol converts S(+/-) to S(-/+) used for progeny S(+/-),& Glycoproteins from (-) portions
Virus types with infectious nucleic acid (x5) dsDNA - nucleus replication, ssDNA, (+) RNA - both genomic and subgenomic, ambisense
Created by: c.phill