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Stufflet Unit 11 Eur

Unit 11 Euro

Laissez-faire idea that the government should not intervene in the economy or with market forces
Edwin Chadwick British reformer on sanitation; Proved disease was related to filth, lack of drainage, sewers, and garbage collection
miasmatic theory of disease Disease caused by noxious odors of decay and excrement
germ theory of disease Diseases caused by specific living organisms
Louis Pasteur helped prove germ theory in his studies on beer fermentation
Joseph Lister devised antiseptic principle; hands and instruments should be sterilized before surgery
Robert Koch 1st to isolate bacteria; aided in development of vaccines
Napoleon III French leader who commissioned urban re-design of Paris in 1860s and 1870s
Georges Haussmann urban re-designer of Paris
labor aristocracy term for highly skilled working class; construction bosses and foremen
Moulin Rouge famous dance hall in late 19th century Paris
Henri de Toulouse Lautrec physically deformed artist; depicted Parisian "underbelly" of prostitutes in his art
separate spheres idea that men worked outside the home and women worked in the home
Sigmund Freud said mental illness often had its roots in the REPRESSIVE nature of middle-class families
Auguste Comte He said science could solve SOCIAL problems; one of the founders of modern sociology
Charles Darwin He applied this scientific way of looking at the world to human origins, which was the traditional realm of RELIGION; wrote On the Origin of Species
Herbert Spencer one of the founders of the concept of social Darwinism
Realism Literary and artistic movement that said art should depict life exactly as it was
Emile Zola wrote Germinal about coalminers strike; most famous of realist authors
Leo Tolstoy wrote War and Peace, realist novel on Napoleonic invasion of Russia
Gustave Courbet most famous realist painter
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