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Hoards Dairy Facts

Facts from the Hoard Dairyman 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl

The Hoards Dairyman Website http://www.hoards.com
Where is Hoards Dairyman published? Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin
Favorite cartoon in Hoards Ed and Emma
Who is Elsie The Borden's Famous Cow
when was the 75th anniversary for the Hoards Judging Contest 2005
What is the order of breeds for the Judging contest Brown Swiss, Holstein, Guernsey, Ayrshire, Jersey
where is the World dairy expo(WDE) Madison, WI
When is the World Dairy Expo? First week in October
Where was the National Dairy Cattle Congress held for 50 years? Waterloo
What is the top showman award at WDE? Klussendorf trophy
What event is held in Scotland? The Royal Highland Show
Where is the All American Jersey Show? Louisville, KY
What is another name for PETA? People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal
What Month is Dairy Month? June
when is the demand for dairy products low? Summer months
What does the winner of the Indy 500 do after winning? Drink a glass of Milk
First National 4H Dairy Conference Chicago, IL
50th National 4H Dairy Conference Madison, WI
A measure of Probabity that a straw of bull's semen will produce a pregnancy compared to straws of semen of other bulls Sire Conception Rate
When does a bull fertility increase? 2 to 5 years
What is the Daughter Pregnancy Rate calculated from? The Average days open of a bull's daughter
In what month do cows calve and have the fewest days open? September
Who is the top Ayrshire in milk production? Mini-Ayr Charlene C
When was the first Brown Swiss come to America? 1869
When was the first Guernsey come to America? 1830
What do Holstein produce the most pounds in?(2 things) Milk, Fat and protein per laction
Jersey and Guernsey also called The Channel Island breeds
What breed has the fewest registration? Milking Shorthorn
Where is the Red and White head quarters located? Wisconsin
The average still birth rate in Holsteins for 1st lactation heifers 12%
The average still birth rate Holstein for older cows 5%
Top 5 states for progeny test daughter California, Wisconsin, New York, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota
Where is the Normande and Montbeliarade from? France
Where is the Scandinavian Red from? Norway and Sweden
How long does a cow spend eating and drinking? 3-5 hours
How long does a cow spend ruminating? 7-10 hours
How long does a cow spend resting? 12-14 hours
How long does a cow spend milking, health checks, and anything else? 3 hours
Can cows see color? yes
At what temperature are cows comfortable at? 30-70 Degrees F
The ideal temperature for calves outside 68 degrees F
At what age do calves show signs of bloat 5-21 days
A large amount of fermentable Carbohydrates present in the abomasum from milk, milk replacer, or high energy electrolyte solution causes what? Bloat
The biggest problem for calves Diarrhea
Diseases from animals to humans Zoonotic
If the hind legs come out first the calf is ______. breech
Two ways of giving Calcium Intravenous injection and Oral Administration (Paste, Gel, Drench)
The Cause of Tubercuosis the bacterium Mycobacterium bovis
Two types of Bovine Viral Diarrhea Acute and Persistent
Another name for brucellosis Contagious abortion or Bangs disease
Common Chemicals for foot baths Copper Sulfate Formalin or Zinc sulfate
Where heel flies lay eggs above the heel
What is the recommendation for heating Colostrum? 140F for 30-60 mins
What is the result when insulin and blood glucose level drop too low? Ketosis
When does Ketosis occur? 3 to 4 weeks after calving
How to do you treat ketosis? 500 to 1000 cc of glucose or drenching cows with 7 to 10 ounces of propylene glycol
The excess of calcium in the blood causes what? Hypercalcemia
Created by: 4HwrightDairy