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LA History

LAH Chapter 6

What was the Northwest Passage? A waterway the Europeans were searching for that would connect the Atlantic to the Pacific. There is no such waterway.
Where did La Salle begin his voyage? Canada
Who accompanied La Salle on his voyage? Henri de Tonti, soldiers, priests, and Indians along with their families
Why did a priest go along with La Salle? To spread the official religion of France (Catholicism)
How did Louisiana get its name? To honor the French King, King Louis XIV
What area was named Louisiana? Lands drained by the Miss. Riv. from Appalachian Mntns to Rocky Mntns and from the Great Lakes to the Gulf Mexico
What was La Salle’s reward for claiming Louisiana? He received a small fleet of ships and 300 colonists to establish a French colony for France
What is a colony? A group of people who settle in a distant land but who still keep their ties to their native land
What was the result of La Salle’s second voyage? He missed the mouth of the Mississippi and landed in Matagorda Bay in Texas. Many colonists died, and those who remained mutinied against him and killed him.
How did other European countries react to the French claim to the Mississippi River Spain built a fort at Pensacola and English wanted to build a fort at the Mouth of the River
Who did King Louis XIV send to establish forts in Louisiana? Piere LeMoyne, Sieur d’Iberville and his brother Jean Baptiste, Le Moyne, Sieur de Bienville
How did Iberville know he had found the Mississippi River? The natives gave him a note left by Tonti in 1685 for the return of Frenchmen
What was the first French fort in Louisiana? Fort Maurepas, in present day Ocean Springs, MS in honor of a French government official
What problems existed at Fort Maurepas? It flooded and the sandy soil was too poor to grow crops
What challenges were presented to the French by the English and the Native Americans? The English wanted to set up a fort at the Mouth of the River, and the Colonists were afraid of attacks by the Native Americans The war in France kept supplies coming to the colony
Why were the governmental problems in Louisiana? Two leaders shared authority of the colony. The governor was in charge of the military and the general management, the commissary commissioner, the business manager, was in control of the budget and parts of the judicial system
Proprietorship a system that gave an individual a charter or contract to operate a colony like a business
Superior Council a group existing during the French colonial period that was in charge of judicial matters and was presided over by the commissary commissioner
land grant a parcel of land given to the directors of the Company of the West under the condition that they bring settlers to the colony
Mississippi Bubble collapse of the French investment company; the Company of the West
slave a person who is bound to a life of services to others and who is considered property
plantation a large estate or farm
Code Noir Set of laws governing the conduct of the slaves during the French Colonial Period. was to protect the slaves as property (food, clothing, shelter, and health care, could not work on Sunday,were taught the Catholic religion, slaves could not carry a gun
What is the difference between a proprietorship colony and a royal colony? In a royal colony the King or Queen has complete control, in a proprietorship the King or Queen appoints someone to have control of the colony and operate it like a business
What were the reasons Crozat wanted Louisiana? He wanted to find silver and gold to make money
What were Cadillac’s problems? He made mistakes as a leader, he threatened the Indians when he refused to smoke the calumet, he was rude to the colonists, and he had conflicts with other government officials
Compare Cadillac’s good decisions and his bad decisions. He organized the colony, set up the Superior Council, he was the first to suggest to sell tobacco and indigo, and he understood that good colonists were needed.
Why was St. Denis a good choice to command Fort Jean Baptiste? He knew the area, he knew the Caddo Indians and improved his knowledge of Indian languages, he knew both cultures of Paris and Canada, and he had great frontier skills
What ways did Cadillac use the environment to support the economy of Louisiana? He wanted to tame the buffalo in order to clip their wool, and he wanted to sell tobacco and indigo
Describe St. Denis leadership qualities. Since he knew about different cultures, he was able to negotiate with the Spanish in order to trade with them..
What products did the French and Spanish trade? They traded ammunition, powder, knives, mirrors, and brandy in order to get horses, cattle, animal hides, and silver. The Spanish wanted medicine and the French wanted Spanish silver
Why did the death of King Louis XIV end Cadillac’s control of Louisiana? When Louis the XIV died, royal support for the colony ended
How were the leadership styles of Crozat and Law similar? They both wanted to make money
Why did Law believe the Germans would come to live in Louisiana? They were fighting for power and they were struggling to survive and they wanted a better life.
Why did Bienville want people from other countries to settle in Louisiana? He needed an adequate army, dependable people, and an export crop. The people France were sending were criminals and did not want to work
What happens when stock holders sell large amounts of stock at the same time? The stock loses its value
Why was the collapse of the Company called the Mississippi Bubble? The Company was located near the Mississippi River. The price of the shares kept increasing like an inflatable balloon, and the company could not pay back its investors.
What happened to John Law when the Mississippi Bubble burst? He had to flee to Paris in disgrace because people wanted their money and he had no way to give it to them
What happened to the Company of the Indies? They were given a new agreement to remain in charge of the colony
What did Louisiana need to succeed? More colonists and an export crop
What was the effect of the French desire for more land? Perier saw the forests had materials needed in France (resin, tar,wood). The land was Indians and they were not going to allow the French to take their forests so they attacked the French Fort Rosalie called the Natchez uprising 250 colonists were killed
What was the result of the Natchez uprising? Perier sent soldiers to destroy the Natchez tribe, settlers did not stay in the area and lost the tobacco farms, the colony could not make a profit, in 1731 the Company of the Indies gave Louisiana back to the king.
What were three challenges Bienville faced when he returned to Louisiana? 1.Calm settlers and restore ties with the Indians 2.Provide farm animals and tools 3.Develop a stable cash crop
What was the result of Louisiana not having a cash crop? Colonists had to rely on barter and warehouse credit. There were few ships available to transport goods and those that were charged high shipping rates
How did Governor Perier weaken the colonists’ relationship with the Choctaw Indians? He selected the members he wanted to deal with. He gave them medals. His chiefs were not tribal leaders and held no power within the tribe, he disrupted their tribal ways
Why didn’t the French colonists want the Chickasaw and the Choctaw tribes make peace with each other? They did not want the tribes to unite against the colonists
What happened when the Chickasaw refused to turn over the Natchez refugees? A war broke out between the Colonists and the Chickasaw and the British. The French paid the Choctaw for Chickasaw scalps
Why did Bienville retire? He lost the war with the Indians, he lost many friends, and lost his confidence as a leader.
Who replaced Bienville? Pierre Francois de Rigaud, Marquis de Vaudreuil
How did Vaudreuil make Louisiana more prosperous? He calmed the internal conflicts among the colonists, and he used troops to stop the Indian raids on the colonists
Why was Governor Vaudreuil called the Grand Marquis? He established formal ceremonies and held parties that resembled the social life of the French palace Versailles
Why did Governor Kerlerec need to strengthen the colony’s defenses? Tensions were rising between the French and British in the colonies This will lead the French and Indian War in the America in 1753-1761
The _____________ farmers saved the colony German
The labor of the _________slaves led to the colony’s economic growth. African
Who were the casket girls? They were young girls coming to the colony to marry settlers. They brought household goods with them in a casket (barrel-like chest)
Describe the majority of the homes in French colonial Louisiana. They were made of logs or brick, A mixture of mud and deer hair was used to fill in the cracks (bousillage). The windows had shutters but no glass. They had simple furniture.
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