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Science review- Unit 4

What is classification? It is a system of organizing things into groups based on shared characteristics and revolutionary relationships.
Why do we use classification? It is an organized system. It makes it easy for scientists to identify organisms.
Who founded the modern system of classification? Carolus Linnaeus
What is taxonomy? It is the science of classifying organisms.
How are things classified? (General-Specific) The top category is the most general; the bottom category is the most specific.
What are the 8 levels of classification? 1) domain 2) kingdom 3) phylum 4) class 5) order 6) family 7) Genus 8) species
What is the mnemonic device used to help you remember the 8 levels of classification? Doctor King Philip Came Over From Germany Swimming
What can organisms have? They can have many different names. It's how we know an organism. (ex: dog, doggie, pooch)
How many scientific names can an organism have? One
What is Binomial Nomenciature? The two part naming system used by scientists around the world.
How do scientists write an entire scientific name using Binomial Nomenciature? The Genus is first and it is capitalized. The species is second and it is lowercase. The entire scientific name is either underlined or written in italics.
What is a Dichotomous Key? A tool that uses pairs of statements to determine the identity of unknown organisms.
What is a Branching Diagram? A tool used by scientists t show the evolutionary relationships among organisms in similar levels of classification.
How do you identify what characteristic the organism has? Organisms to the right of that characteristic have that characteristic.
What level of classification is the most general? Kingdom
What level of classification is the most specific? Species
If 2 organisms are in the same family, what other groups are they in together? Order, Class, Phylum, Kingdom and Domain
How do you write the following name scientifically? homo sapiens Homo sapiens
What is the genus in Homo sapiens? Homo
What is the species in Homo sapiens? sapiens
Created by: carlsond