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Windows 7

Definitions for Windows 7 Fundamentals

____ _____ is software that directs computer activities such as recognizing keyboard input, sending output to a display, and keeping track of files and folders. Operating system
____ is a screen thst displays when you turn on a computer. It contains icons and a taskbar. desktop
____ is an onscreen rectangular area representing a program or system resource, or data. window
____ is a small picture on the desktop representing a program, file, folder, or other item. icon
___- is a pointer, or link, to a program or computer resource. shortcut
____ is a desktop item that represents such items as games or puzzles, or constantly changing data, such as a clock or a caalender. gadget
_____ is the horizontal bar at the bottom of the desktop that enables you to move among open windows and provides access to system resources. taskbar
____ ____ located on the left side of the taskbar, is the place to begin when you want to open programs, get help, adjust computer settings, access system recourses, or even shut down a computer. Start button
____ ____ on the right side of the taskbar, displays icons fo background programs and system resouces. It also provides status information in pop-up windows. Notification area
____ provides a preview of an open window without requiring you to click away from the window that you are currently working on. Place the mouse pointer over any icon that represents an open window to veiw its contents. Aero Peek
____ ___ is a list of programs, folders, and utilities that displays when you click the Start button. Start Menu
____ is an area of items that you can select, usually displayed on the taskbar or within an application. toolbar
When you ___ an item, it becomes a permanant part of the taskbar, accessable with a sincle click. pin
___ ___ is a list of actions or resources associated with an open window button or pinned item in the taskbar. Jump List
___ ___ monitors maintenance and security settings, providing alerts when necessary. Action Center
___ a series of moving images that apperrs on the desktop when a computer has been idle for a specified period of time. screen saver
___ ___ is the long bar at the top of each new window, containin gthat file or folder name and the program name. title bar
___ ___ __ is a feature that shows windows in a rotating 3D stack so that you can select a window. Aero Flip 3D
___ Arranges windows automatically along the left and right sides of the desktop. Snap
___ is a special window that opens when you are accomplishing a specific task and when your confirmation or interaction in required. dialog box
___ is a text editing program built into Windows 7. Notepad
___ is the basic word processing program built into Windows 7. WordPad
___ is a Windows 7 accessory that enables you to create graphics by drawing and adding text. Paint
____ is a Windows 7 accessory that acts as a handheld calculator with different views- standard, scientific, programming, and statistical. Calculator
____ ___ is a Windows 7 accessory that enables you to capture and save a screen display. Snipping Tool
is a screen display captured with the Snipping Tool. snip
___ ____ is a program that identifies and removes spyware. Windows defender
___ is a software that gathersinformation through a user's Internet connection, usually for advertising purposes. Spyware is most often installed without a user's permission. Spyware
____ is software or hardware that protects a computer or network from unauthorized access. firewall
___ ___ ___ (___) is a Windows feature that asks for your permission before enabling any changes to your computer settings. User Account Control (UAC)
____ ____ is an addition to the operating system that prevents or corrects problems, including security concerns. Windows Update
___ is a custom file property that you can create to further identify a file. A tag could be a rating that you can apply to a file. You can set tags and view file properties in the details pane of a window. tag
___ ___ is an identifier of a file, such as the author or date created. You can find file properties in the details pane of a window. file property
___ and ____ is available from the start menu, providing assistance with specific questions or providing broad discussion of Windows features. Help and Support
Created by: TroyIS2241