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Computer Concepts

Computer concepts chapter one

________ are facts that are used to produce usable results (information). Data
______ is data that has been organized so that it is usable. Information
_______ is computer equipment that you can touch. Hardware
______ is a set of instructions that tell a computer what to do. Software
A _______ enables you to click a button to enter commands. mouse
A _______ enables you to capture sounds. microphone
A ______ displays text, graphics, and videos. monitor
________ are output devices that produce sound. Speakers
A _____ prints computer output on paper. printer
A ____ is an optical storage device with less storage capacity than a DVD. CD
A ____ is an optical storage device that has more storage capacity than a CD. DVD
The ___ ____ is the primary storage unit of a computer. hard drive
_____ _______ provides portable storage. flash memory
______ ______ coordinates hardware devices and interacts with application software. system software
__________ _______ focuses on particular user tasks, such as word processing, games, or e-mail. application software
A ________ computer is designed to fit on a desk, with modular components. desktop
A ________ computer is a small portable computer. notebook
A _______ is a small portable computer, commonly referred to as a notebook. laptop
A __________ is slightly smaller and lighter than a notebook. subnotebook
An _____ ______ uses a sensor to detect mouse movement. optical mouse
A ________ is a button that you move with your finger to position a mouse pointer on the screen. touchpad
A ________ is a button that you move with your finger to position a mouse pointer on screen. trackpoint
A _______ captures live audio and video for transmission from one computer to another. webcam
A _______ reads text or pictures and transmits them in digital format to a computer (or for printing). scanner
A _______ _______ records pictures on flash memory for transmission to a computer (or for printing). digital camera
A ___ ______ is a computer connection for such devices as keyboards, scanners, digital cameras, and microphones. USB port
A ___ (_____ ____ ____) is a large bulky computer monitor that is becoming obselete. CRT (cathode ray tube)
An ___ (______ ______ ______) is a flat-panel computer display. LCD (liquid crystal display)
The _________ is the clarity of display, determined by the number of pixels. resolution
The _______ ____ is the main component of a computer system, containing the processor, memory, and storage devices. system unit
A _____ ___ is an area of space reserved in a system unit where additional disk drives can be installed. drive bay
A _____ _____ is a small, portable flash memory device that connects to a computer's USB port. flash drive
An _______ ____ _____ is a portable storage device that can be connected to a computer through a port such as a USB port. external disk drive
The ___ (______ ________ ____) directs system activities, interpreting program instructions. CPU (central processing unit)
The _________ is the main circuit board of a computer, located in the system unit. motherboard
_________ (____) is a measurement used to represent processor speed. Gigahertz (GHz)
___ (_____ _____ _____) is computer memory that stores data and programs that are currently in use. RAM (random access memory)
___ (____-_____ ______) is memory on which data that is necessary for the computer to function is recorded. ROM (read-only memory)
A _____ _____ (_____ ______) is a component that provides display capabilities. video card (video adapter)
A _____ _____ is a component that enables a computer to work with sound. sound card
An ________ _____ is a circuit board that can be connected to the motherboard to give the computer added capabilities. expansion card
_____ is a number system that works with only two digits: ) and 1. Binary
A ___ (_____ ____) is the smallest binary unit a computer can work with. bit (binary digit)
A ____ is a binary representation of one character. byte
___-___ ____ (__) is a high-definition DVD format that can hold up to 9 hours of high-definition video. Blu-ray disc (BD)
A computer _______ (_______) is a set of instructions that tells the computer how to accomplish a specific task. program (software)
An ________ ______ is system software that is necessary for a computer to function. operating system
______ _______ perform specific tasks related to managing computer resources. Utility programs
The ______ is a global network connecting millions of computers, providing access to a wealth of information and entertainment. Internet
____-__ is a very slow Internet connection that uses existing telephone lines. Dial-up
________ is an Internet connection that enables multiple channels on a single cable. Examples include DSL and cable. Broadband
____ is a popular broadband connection using the same technology as cable television. Cable
___ (______ _________ ____) is a popular broadband connection that divides existing telephone lines into several channels. DSL (digital subscriber line)
_____ _____ uses glass fibers to transmit data at the speed of light. Fiber optics
________ Internet connection uses satellites to broadcast data. It is not as fast as DSL or cable. Satellite
__-__ (_______ ________) uses radio waves to provide network and Internet connections. Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity)
_-____ is the transmission of messages over the Internet. E-mail
_____ _________ (__) enables you to have a private online chat with a friend who is also online. Instant messaging (IM)
A ______ is a video or audio clip that is available over the Internet in a compressed format such as MP3. podcast
A ____ (______) is a Web page that serves as a journal for an individual or a business. blog (Weblog)
_____ enables you to use a computer as a telephone. VoIP (voice over Internet protocol)
____ is an online journal that uses video as the primary content in addition to text. vlog (video log)
____ is a collaborative Web site that enables anyone to edit, delete, or modify the content. wiki
____ is a computer or another device, such as a printer, that is included in a network. node
_____ is a device that is built into a computer or another networked device to enable data transmission. NIC (network interface card)
____is a device that is required on each node if a wireless network in order to transmit data. wireless network adapter
____ is a device that transmits data between two networks. It enables several computers to share one Internet connection. router
____ is a device that provides a location for wireless units to connect. WAP (wireless access point)
____ is a wireless short-range radio technology that facilitates communication between devices. Bluetooth
____ uses Ethernet protocol for wired data transmission. Ethernet network
____ amplifies data transmission to all connected equipment. hub
____ is a device that directs traffic along a wired network. switch
_____ is software or hardware that prevents unauthorized access to or from a computer connected to the Internet. firewall
____ ____ is a Windows 7 feature that provides maintenance and security alerts. Action Center
____ is a maliciously written piece of software that is either annoying or destructive. virus
____ is software that covertly gathers user information, usually for transition along the Internet for marketing purposes. Spyware
____ is a text file that is placed on a computer when a user visits a Web site. cookie
______ is someone who gains unauthorized access to a computer system for the purpose of stealing information or preforming malicious acts. hacker
____ is th eact of sending fraduelent e-mail for the purpose of obtaining financial information and personal identification for identity theft. phishing
Created by: TroyIS2241