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Stufflet Unit 7 Euro

Unit 7 Euro

dowry money that a women and her family accumulated in order to contribute financially to a new marriage
illegitimate born to unwed parents
Community controls rules that a village would place upon others in order to control such things as marriage and child birth
Coitus interruptus primary method of birth control in 18th century Europe; not completing the sexual act necessary for procreation
Illegitimacy explosion refers to the increase in children born with unmarried parents starting in the mid to late 1700s
wet nursing upper class practice of having a child nurse with another woman
infanticide Killing of unwanted infants, usually by exposure
Foundling homes Homes for abandoned children
Saint Vincent de Paul Catholic priest from Notre Dame de Paris who started the first foundling home
Emile piece written by Rousseau that called for greater love in child rearing; also argued for gender-specific education
swaddling Wrapping infants in tight clothes or blankets to straighten their form
just price concept that prices for basic foodstuffs should controlled, even if imposed by government decree
market price concept that the forces of supply and demand should control prices
purging 18th century medical practice of inducing diarrhea with herbs, etc.
blood letting 18th century medical practice; attempted to balance the bodily "humours"
Edward Jenner discovered a smallpox vaccine that was made from cowpox
Edict of Idle Institutions implemented by Joseph II of Austria, it abolished the contemplative orders in the Catholic Church
Pietism 18th century movement that attempted to return Protestantism to its original concepts
John Wesley founder of Methodism
Carnival religious celebration that precedes the beginning of Lent
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