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Word Chapter 3

Defenitions in Word Chapter 3

_________ is a note or annotation about the content of a document. Comment
_________ is a colored circle that contains comments and displays in the margin. Markup balloon
_________ displays comments and changes made to a document. Reviewing Pane
__________ enables you to view document revisions by reviewers. Show Markup
_________ is used to insert revision marks and markup balloons for additions, deletions, and formatting changes. Track Changes
_________ indicates where text is added, deleted, or formatted while Track Changes feature is active. Revision Mark
_________ is a vertical bar in the margin to pinpoint the area where changes are made. Changed line
__________ view shows a line through deleted text and puts inserted text in a markup balloon. Original: Show Markup
_________ view shows inserted text in the body and puts deleted text in a markup balloon. Final: Show Markup
_________ is the act of using and documenting the works of another as one's own. Plagiarism
________ is a note recognizing a source of information or a quoted message. Citation
_________ is a database of all citation sources created in Word. Master List
_________ includes all citation sources you use in the current document. Current List
__________ is a list of works cited or documented or consulted by an author in a document. Bibliography
__________ is a citation that appears at the bottom of a page. Footnote
_________ is a citation that appears at the end of a document. Endnote
__________ lists headings and the page numbers where they appear in a document. Table of contents
_________ is a listing of topics and the page numbers where the topics are discussed. Index
_________ is a descriptive title for an equation, a figure, or a table. Caption
_________ is a list of the captions in a document. Table of figures
_________ is used in legal documents to reference cases and other documents referred to in a legal brief. Table of authorities
_________ is a note that refers the reader to another location for more information about a topic. Cross-reference
Which of the following statements about comments is false?
What option enables you to preview how a document will look if you accept all tracked changes?
How do you view and edit footnote text?
Which option is not true about plagiarism?
What document item directs a reader to another location in a document by mentioning its location?
A table of figures is generated from what type of entries?
What does a table of authorities display?
Select the sequence of events to include a bibliography in your document.
After you create and insert a table of contents into a document:
You are participating in a group project in which each member makes changes to the same document. Which feature in Word editor should you suggest the members to use so each can see the edits made by fellow group members?
Created by: TroyIS2241