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Word Chapter 2

Definitions in Word Chapter 2.

__________ or __________ is a complete set of characters Typeface, font
__________ contains a thin line at the top and bottom of characters. Serif typeface
_________ does not contain thin lines on characters. Sans serif typeface
_________ uses the same amount of horizontal space for every character. Monospaced typeface
__________ allocates horizontal space to each character. Proportional typeface
is the characteristic applied to a font, such as bold. Type style
_________ does not appear onscreen. Hidden text
_________ is the horizontal space between characters. Character spacing
__________ or __________ is the adjustment of height or width by a percentage of the image's original size. Scale, scaling
_________ raises or lowers text from the baseline. Position
_________ enables more even spacing between characters. Kerning
__________ is a form of font designed for use on all platforms. OpenType
_________ is used to change capitalization of text. Change Case
__________ is used to mark text that you want to locate easily. Highlighter
__________ prevents a word from becoming separated at the hyphen. Nonbreaking hyphen
_________ keeps two or more words together on a line. Nonbreaking space
__________ is a marker for aligning text in a document. Tab
__________ marks the position to align text to the left. Left tab
_________ marks where text centers as you type. Center tab
_________ marks where the position of the text aligns to the right. Right tab
_________ marks where numbers align on a decimal point as you type. Decimal tab
_________ marks the location of a vertical line between columns. Bar tab
_________ is dots or hyphens that connect two items of information. Leader character
_________ is a line that surrounds a paragraph, a page, a table, or an image. Border
_________ is background color that appears behind text. Shading
_________ itemizes and separates paragraph text to increase readability. Bulleted list
_________ sequences and prioritizes items. Numbered List
__________ extends a numbered list to several levels. Multilevel list
__________ formats a section of a document side-by-side vertical blocks. Column
__________ refers to the placement of text between the left and right margins. Horizontal alignment
________ marks the location to indent only the first line of the paragraph. First line indent
_________ marks how far to indent each line of a paragraph except the first. Hanging indent
_________ is the space between the lines in a paragraph. Line spacing
_________ is the amount of space before or after a paragraph. Paragraph spacing
___________ is the last line of a paragraph appearing by itself at the top of a page. Widow
_________ is the first line of a paragraph appearing by itself at the bottom of a page. Orphan
_________ is a set of formatting options you apply to characters or paragraphs. Style
_________ stores character formatting and affects only selected text. Character style
__________ stores formats used on text in an entire paragraph. Paragraph style
__________ is a structural view that displays varying amounts of detail. Outline view
_________ are the small circles and squares that appear around a selected object and enable you to adjust the height and width of an object. Sizing handles
__________ refers to the way text wraps around an image. Text wrapping style
__________ gallery contains preformatted options that can be applied to a graphical object. Picture styles
__________ is the process of trimming the edges of an image or other graphical object. Cropping
_________ is the difference between light and dark areas of an image. Contrast
_________ is the ratio between lightness and darkness of an image. Brightness
_________ reduces the file size of an object. Compress
__________ of a picture is the portion of a picture to be removed. Background
___________ of a picture is the portion of a picture to be kept. Foreground
Which of the following is not true about typeface?
What is the easiest way to change the alignment of five paragraphs scattered throughout the document, each of which is formatted with the same style?
If you want to be sure the date June 21, 2012, does not word wrap what should you do?
Which wrap style enables text to wrap around the graphic frame that surrounds the image.
A(n) __________ occurs when the first line of a paragraph is isolated at the bottom of a page and the rest of the paragraph continues on the next page? Orphan
Which of the following is a false statement about the Outline view?
What happens if you modify the Body Text style in a Word document?
If you want to display text in side-by-side sections, what feature should you use to format the text?
Which of the following is a true statement regarding indentions?
The spacing in an existing multipage document is changed from a single spacing to double spacing throughout the document. What can you say about the number of hard and soft page breaks before and after the formatting change?
Created by: TroyIS2241