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Word Chapter 1

Defenitions in Word Chapter 1

__________ enables you to produce documents such as letters, reports, and research papers. Word processing software
___________ moves words to the next line if they do not fit on the current line. Word wrap
___________ is created when you press Enter to move the insertion point to a new line. Hard return
___________ is created by word processor as it wraps text to a new line. Soft return
_________ is to switch from one setting to another. Toggle
_________ reveals where formatting marks, such as spaces, tabs, and returns are used in the document. Show/Hide feature
__________ is inserted when text fills an entire page, then continues onto the next page. Soft page break
__________ forces the next part of a document to begin on a new page. Hard page break
__________ is information that displays at the top of each document page. Header
__________ is information that displays at the bottom of each document page. Footer
__________ is a marker that divides a document into sections, thereby enabling different formatting in each section. Section break
__________ is text or graphic that displays behind text. Watermark
__________ is the default view and closely resembles the printed document. Print Layout view
__________ eliminates tabs and makes it easy to read a document. Full Screen Reading view
__________ shows a simplified work area, removing white space and other elements from view. Draft view
_________ displays a structural view of the document that can be collapsed or expanded. Outline view
_________ is used when creating a Web page. Web Layout view
__________ enables Word to recover a previous version of a document. AutoRecover
__________ looks for features that are not supported by previous versions of Word. Compatibility checker
_________ checks for and removes different kinds of hidden and personal information from a document. Document Inspector
_________ enables you to enter descriptive information about a document. Document panel
How do you display the Backstage view Print options?
Which view removes white space, headers, and footers from the screen?
You are the only person in your office to upgrade to Word 2010. Before you share documents with coworkers, you should do which of the following?
Which of the following is detected by the contextual spelling checker?
If your cursor is near the bottom of the page and you want to display the next paragraph you type at the top of a new page, you should use which of the following?
You need to insert a large table in the middle of a report that contains page numbers in the footer. The table is too wide to fit on a standard page. Which is the best option to use in this case?
Which feature adds organization to your document?
If you cannot determine why a block of text starts at the top of the next page, which toggle switch should you invoke to view the formatting marks in use?
What visual clue tells you that a document is not in Word 2010 format?
Created by: TroyIS2241