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H Lecture 10-25-2013

US History

James Monroe • Last of VA dynasty • Was a blast from the past • Served under Washington • Was a relic of the Revolution
John Q Adams • Not given praise • Said Monroe as golden age of republic
Sec of State • Seemed to be the stepping stone to the Presidency
2 war hawks • John c Calhoun and henry clay - They were nationalist leaders
Clay’s Idea • The American system • Northerners support • Protective tariff for manufacturers • National bank to aid commerce • Better transportation system to aid American farmers to get crops to the market • Internal improvements -roads canals, etc -infrastructure
West transport • To tie it to older state
1810-1820 • White population more than doubled
4 states added to union • Indiana • Missip • Illinois • Alabma • NorthSNorthS
To further American system • Road funded - The National Road - Started in Maryland and extended into WestVA - Later pushed across Ohio - Came to Mississippi - I70 (One of The Oldest Pathways in America)
Canals • Not funded by the fed. Government • State gov took the lead
Erie Canal • Completed in 1825 • Brainchild of Dewitt Clinton • Tied NY to the Great Lakes
By 1830 • About 1800 miles of canals
Canal boom • During 30 and 40’s
By 40s • Railroad • Just as much track as canals • Soon superior
All railroads • West of mountains • Not a true system prior to civil war • Used to transport goods to water ways
Era of Good Feelings • Mainly Nationalist in split
Slavery • Not considered a moral issue • Was a political power issue • Southerners begin to oppose American System
Sectionalism • Begins in 1820’s • Political Issue
Northern states in Congress • Had majority of Congressman • Sentate - Through 4 states in union that balanced it - Enough Northerners willing to compromise
Early 1819 • Missouri asked for admission into the Union • Wanted to come in as a slave state • Northerners didn’t want Senate to be unbalanced
Missouri Bill • Missouri as slave state • James Tallmadge of NY - Offered Tallmadge Amendment - Prohibit slavery in Missouri - Slaves brought out at 25 - Slavery would die out - It passed the house but not the senate
Congress adjourned • Slavery still not a moral issue • Northerners wanted to protect a lot of things
Southerners • Not ready to defend slaves as a right or good • Were willing to extend their political power
January 1820 • After reconvening in December • Elected a speaker, etc.
1820 • New Missouri Bill • Compliments - By Jesse B Thomas of Illinois - Pushed by Henry Clay (1st of his great compromises) - Referred to as Missouri Compromise
36 deg 30 mins • Slavery prohibited • Territory north of 36 30 • Maine was admitted as a free state and was not one of the OG 13 Colonies - Maintaining the sectional balance - Mix up with the Missouri state constitution - Maine admitted in 1820 - Known as Miss Compromise - Put slavery to rest for 30yrs.
What did the North get? • Bulk of the territory
James Monroe • Signed comp of 1820 • Support American colonization society -est. Liberia in Africa -Capitol of Liberia is Monrovia
Jefferson said • “Like a fireball in the night”
Question of slavery put on the back burner
Monroe in Foreign Affairs • 1815 - Treaty of Ghent was signed - Little hold for Anglo American peace
Spring 1817 • Charles Baggot / Richard Rush - Rush Bagot Agreement - Limited the Naval force of each country on the great lakes - Disarmed great lakes
American Brit diplomats • Place between great lakes and the rocky mountains
Place between great lakes and the rocky mountains • Boundary extended from Lake of the Woods to the Rocky Mountains • Great B and US agreed to joint occupation of Florida
West of the Rockies • US could not claim this • Spanish had a claim to region • Russia settled Alaska
South eastern border of the US • West Florida and East Florida • Spain exhorted little force over Florida • Most Florida under Indian control
Billy Bowlegs • Seminole leader down in Florida • Befriend by a Brit Trader and Robert Anderson • Encouraging Indians in the region to fight the US armies attempt to capture runaway slave
Maroons • Runaway slaves
Fed Gov. Deputized • Andrew Jackson • Led into St. Marks • Haled down the Spanish flag and hanged two Seminole chiefs • Then chased after Bowlegs but Bowlegs went into the Everglades • Jackson gets mad
Jackson got his smoking gun • Marched on Pensacola • Opened up a can of worms
Sec. of War • John C Calhoun • Saw Jackson as a political rival and wanted Jackson to be court marshaled
Sec. of State John Q Adams • Sees the bigger picture • Sent occupants to explain to Brits what happened • Brits don’t make big deal
Spain • Sold Florida • Adams Onese Treaty • Transcontinental Treaty - Becomes official in 1821
Transcontinental Treaty • Spain gave up claim to the Oregon Country
In 1815 • Following the war of 1812 • Only 2 indep. Nations in west hemisphere - US and Haiti
Many Spanish colonies declared what • Independence • Declaring there independence • Madison has to wait to congratulate them to not upset the transcontinental treaty
Talk in Europe in Spain • Spain subjugating Americans • France could give aid to Spain • Brits/us don’t want this
George Canning • Foreign Secretary • Suggested
Us Navy • Was nothing compared to the royal navy
Monroe accepted Adams arguments • Dec 2 , 1823 • Monroe Doctrine • Adams principles Monroe puts it on paper • 1st no future European colonization • 2nd no political intervention • 3rd Us not interfering European affairs
Monroe doctrine • Was a mere declaration • Europeans laughed it off • Monroe mad his intentions to all the world
In 1824 • Russians claimed that they had no land in Oregon Country
Christmas eve 1814 • Peace Treaty • Didn’t change anything • John Quincy Adams - saw as mere truce • Did put US/ Great Brits on cordial relationship • People were alive who fought Brits twice • Domestically - Era of Good Feelings
Congress 1st Protective Tariff • 1816 • Same year - 2nd bank of US
1st Charter • Very contentious issue • Jefferson opposed the bank • Charter exper of eve of war of 1812
Foreign affairs from Era of Good Feelings • Peace with Canada to partial disarm of great lakes
Created by: KyronCox