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Sofia First Aid 2013

This system of trained individuals and resources necessary to care for and transport victims is called the ___ system(1) EMS
The highest level of EMS responder in the pre-hospital setting is(1) Paramedic
A _____ phone is the best choice between communication methods to access EMS(1) landline
The first priority at any emergency is ___ ____(3) Scene safety
This reduces the risk of you becoming exposed to blood or other potentially infectious material(3) Body Substance isolation
___ stress responses include denial, fear, guilt, grief, anxiety, and depression(3). emotional
A "Do Not Resuscitate" document is a common _____ directive(2) advance
This infectious control strategy assumes all ill or injured people are potentially infectious (3): Standard precautions
____ consent allows you to provide care for someone who is unconscious (2). implied
Common types of personal protection would include ____, eye protection and face masks (3). gloves
Attempting to force unwanted care onto someone is considered ____ (2) battery
The respiratory system not only takes in fresh oxygen but also removes ____ in the form of carbon dioxide(4) waste
Used blood leaving the heart from the right side travels through the pulmonary artery ___ for oxygen(4) lungs
To avoid injury when lifting someone, use your legs, don't lean to either side, keep the weight close to the body and minimize ____ (5) twisting
An emergency move is called an ___ move(5) emergent
If you suspect a spinal injury , you should open the airway with a ___ ___ (6) Jaw thrust
This is a good position to put a responsive or unresponsive person who is breathing adequately while waiting for EMS (5) recovery position
When performing a head-tilt chin-lift, gently lift and tilt with ___ pressure(6) equal
If a person is only gasping but has a pulse, you should give ___ ___(6) rescue breaths
If someone is choking , they can neither breathe, cough or ___(6) speak
The first thing you should ask if you think someone has an airway obstruction, is are you ___? (6) choking
A person who has difficulty breathing will usually find a position which is most ____ for them (6) comfortable
A person complaining of chest pain is described as the ____ of illness(7) nature
The best reason for calling 911 is so additional help can get there ____ to assist you(7) quickly
Sign or symptom? Cool, Pale skin(7) sign
Sign or symptom? Nausea (7) symptom
Where should you check a pulse on an unconscious victim?(7) carotid
Where should you check a pulse on a conscious person? (7) radial
The "L" in SAMPLE history stands for (7) last oral intake
The "M" in SAMPLE history stands for (7) medications
You should use BP-DOC when performing a ____ exam (7) physical
Do not include a person's ___ in documentation of care(7) race
A Chief ___ is what a person states is wrong with him or her(8) complaint
AMS stands for (8) altered mental status
Signs and symptoms of a heart problem includes pain radiating to the arms, neck or back, ___ or heaviness in the chest and shortness of breath(8) pressure
Another name for the recovery phase of a seizure is __ (8) postictal
To confirm adequate breathing following a seizure, you should perform a ___ assessment.(8) primary
Signs and symptoms of a stroke includes __ droop, slurred speech and paralysis on one side of the body (8). facial
Your initial care for a responsive diabetic is to give them some form of ___(8) sugar
If someone is stung by a bee and shows signs of anaphylaxis, they would have trouble ___(8) breathing
Signs and symptoms of a heat-related emergency includes hot, moist or ___ skin, altered mental status and muscle cramps (8) dry
After applying direct pressure with a dressing to a bleeding wound, you should apply a ___ bandage. pressure
Signs and symptoms of internal bleeding include ___, pain, a rigid or tight abdomen, difficulty breathing and bruising (9). swelling
After controlling bleeding when dealing with an amputation, wrap the amputated part in a sterile dressing, place in a ____ ___ and keep cool(9). plastic bag
An ___ dressing should be used with a sucking chest wound.(9) occlusive
A burn with blisters is called a ___ ___ burn(9) partial thickness
If a distal pulse is absent after splinting, it is too ____ (10) tight
Signs of shock are altered mental state, pale, moist skin and ___ breathing rate (9). increased
Numbness and tingling sensation in the toes may indicate a ___ injury(11) spinal
"Triage" means to ___ (12) sort
Imminent delivery of a baby are contractions less than __ minutes apart and crowning(13). five
Full term pregnancy is about ___ weeks forty
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