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Access Chapter 2

Definitions Access chapter two

Table __________ is a storage location in a database that holds related information. Made of records which are made up of a number of fields.
Calculated field __________ produces a value from an expression or function that references one or more existing fields.
Constant __________ is an unchanging value, like a birth date.
Date arithmetic __________ is the process of subtracting one from another, or adding or subtracting a constant from a date.
Data redundancy __________ is the unnecessary storing of duplicate data in two or more tables.
CamelCase notation __________ uses no spaces in multiword field names, but uses uppercase letters to distinguish the first letter of each new word.
Data type __________ determines the type of data that can be entered and the operations that can be performed on that data.
AutoNumber __________ data type is a number that automatically increments each time a record is added.
Field property _________ is a characteristic of a field that determines how the field looks and behaves.
Text data type _________ can store either text or numerical characters.
Number data type _________ can store only numerical data.
Caption property _________ is used to create a more readable label that appears in the top row in Datasheet view and in forms and reports.
Validation rule __________ prevents invalid data from being entered into the field.
Referential integrity _________ is enforced when you cannot enter a foreign key value in a related table unless the primary key value exists in the primary table.
Cascade Update Related Fields __________ is an option that directs Access to automatically update all foreign key values in a related table when the primary key value is modified in a primary value.
Cascade Delete Related Records __________ is an option that directs Access to automatically delete all records in related tables that match the primary key that is deleted from the primary table.
Indexed property __________ setting enables quick sorting in primary key in primary key order and quick retrieval based on the primary key.
One-to-Many relationship _________ is established when the primary key value in the primary table can match many of the foreign key values in the related table.
Query _________ enables you to ask questions about the data stored in the database.
Query Design view _________ enables you to create queries; the Design view is divided into two parts- the top portion displays the tables, and the bottom portion displays the fields and the criteria.
Simple Query Wizard __________ provides dialog boxes to guide you through the query design process.
Select query __________ displays only the records that match the criteria entered in Design view.
Field row _________ in the Query Design view displays the field name.
Table row _________ in the Query Design view displays the data source.
Sort row _________ in the Query Design view enables you to sort in ascending order or descending order.
Show row _________ in the Query Design view controls whether the field will be displayed in the query results.
Criteria row _________ in the Query Design view determines which records will be selected.
Delimiter _________ is a special character that surrounds the criterion's value.
Wildcard _________ is a special character that can represent one or more characters in the criterion of a query.
Comparison operator _________ such as equal (=), not equal (<>), greater than (>), less than (<), greater than or equal to (>=), or less than or equal to (<=), can be used in the criteria of a query.
Null ___________ is the Access uses to describe a blank field.
Query sort operator ___________ determines the order of records in the query's Datasheet view.
AND logical operator ___________ returns only records that meet all criteria.
OR logical operator __________ returns records meeting any of the specified criteria.
NOT logical operator __________ returns all records except the specified criteria.
Run command __________ (the red exclamation point is used to produce the query results.
Multi-table query __________ contains two or more tables. It enables you to take advantage of the relationships that have been set in your database.
Related tables __________ are tables that are joined in a relationship using a common field.
When entering, deleting, or editing table data:
Which of the following is true for the Query Wizard?
Which of the following was not a suggested guideline for designing a table?
A query's specifications providing instructions about which records to include must be entered:
An illustration of a one-to-many relationship would be:
When adding criteria to the query design view:
Which of the following is true with respect to an individual's hire date and years of service?
When importing data into Access, which of the following statements is true?
The main reason to enforce referential integrity in Access is to:
It is more efficient to make a copy of an existing query, rather than create a new query, when which of the following is true?
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