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Access Chapter 1

Definitions Access chapter one

Object ___________ in an Access database is a main component that is created and used to make the database function.
Field __________ is the smallest data element contained in a table. Examples of fields are first name, last name, address, and phone number.
Record __________ is a complete set of all of the data elements (fields) about one person, place, event, or concept.
Table __________, the foundation of every database, is a collection of relatable records.
Database __________ consists of one or more forms to enter data into the tables, and one or more reports to output the table data as organized information.
Navigation pane __________ organizes and lists the database objects in an Access database.
Datasheet view __________ is where you add, edit, and delete the records on a table.
Primary key __________ is the field (or combination of fields) that uniquely identifies each record in a table.
Form __________ is an object that enables you to enter, modify, or delete table data.
Query __________ is a question that you ask about the data in the tables of your database.
Criterion (criteria, pl) __________ is a number, a text phrase, or an expression used to filter the records in a table.
Report __________ contains professional looking formatted information from underlying tables or queries.
Access speed __________ measures the time it takes for the storage device to make the file content available to use.
Compact and Repair __________ reduces the size of the database.
Backup __________ creates a duplicate copy of the database.
Filter __________ displays a subset of records based on specified criteria.
Filter by selection __________ displays only the records that match the selected criteria.
Filter by Form __________ displays table records based on multiple criteria. Filter by Form allows the user to apply the logical operators AND and OR.
Comparison operator __________ is used to evaluate the relationship between two quantities to determine if they are equal or not equal; and if they are not equal, a comparison operator determines which one is greater than the other.
Sort __________ lists records in a specific sequence, such as ascending by last name or by ascending EmployeeID.
Ascending __________ sorts a list of text data in alphabetical order or a numerical order in lowest to highest order.
Descending __________ sorts a list of text data in reverse alphabetical order or a numeric list in highest to lowest order.
Relationship __________ is a connection between two tables using a common field.
Relational database management system (RDBMS) Using a ___________, you can manage groups of data (tables) and set rules (relationships) between two tables using a common field.
Join lines __________ enable you to create a relationship between two tables using a common field.
Foreign key ___________ is a field in one table that is also the primary key of another table.
Enforce referential integrity ___________ ensures that data cannot be entered into a related table unless it first exists in the primary table.
Which sequence represents the hierarchy of terms, from smallest to largest?
You preform several edits in a table within an Access database. When should you execute the Save command?
You have opened an Access file. The left pane displays a table with forms, queries, and reports listed below a table name. Then another table and its objects display. You notice some of the object names are repeated under different tables. Why?
Which of the following is not true of a database?
Which of the following is true regarding the record selector box?
You have finished an Access assignment and wish to turn it into your instructor for evaluation. As you prepare to transfer the file, you discover that it has grown in size. It is now more than doubled your original size. You should:
Which of the following will be accepted as valid during data entry?
Which of the following conditions is available through Filter by Selection?
You open an Access form and use it to update an address for customer Lee Fong. After closing the form, you later open a report that generates mailing labels. What will the address label for Lee Fong show?
You are looking at an Employees table in Datasheet View. You want the names sorted alphabetically by last name and the by first name- for example Smith, Andrea is listed before Smith, William. To accomplish this, you must:
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