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Excel Chapter 4

Definitions for Excel chapter four

__________ keeps rows and/or columns visible as you scroll through the worksheet. Freezing
__________ indicates where data starts on a new printed page. Page break
__________ defines the range of data to print. Print area
__________ is the sequence in which pages print. Print order
__________ is an individual piece of data, such as a last name. Field
__________ is a complete set of data for an entity. Record
__________ controls the fill color of the header row, columns, and records in a table. Table style
__________ arranges records in a table by the value in field(s) within a table. Sorting
__________ is the process of displaying only records that meet specific conditions. Filtering
__________ is a tag or use of a table element as a reference in a formula. Structured reference
__________ appears as the last row of a table to display summary statistics, such as a sum. Total row
__________ calculates an aggregate for values in a range or database. SUBTOTAL function
__________ highlights or emphasizes cells that meet certain conditions. Conditional formatting
__________ is a horizontal gradient or solid fill indicating the cell's relative value compared to other selected cells. Data bar
__________ is a conditional format that displays a particular color based on the relative value of the cell components to other selected cells. Color scale
__________ is a conditional format that displays an icon representing value in the top third, quarter, or fifth based on values in the selected range. Icon set
You have a large dataset that will print on several pages. You want to ensure that related records print on the same page with column and row labels visible and that confidential information is not printed. Apply all of the following page setups except:
You are working with a large datasheet Your row headings are in column A. Which command(s) should be used to see the row headings and the distant information in columns X, Y, and Z?
You have a list of all the employees in your organization. The list contains the employee name, office, title, and salary. You want to list all employees in each office branch. The branches should be listed alphabetically, with the employee earning the hi
You suspect a table has several identical records. What should you do?
Which check box in the Table Style Options group enables you to apply different formatting to the records in a table?
Which date filter option enables you to specify criteria for selecting a range of dates, such as between 3?15/2012 and 7/15/2012?
You want to display a total row that identifies the oldest date in a field in your table. What function do you select from the list?
What type of conditional formatting displays horizontal colors in which the width of the bar indicates relative size compared to other values in the selected range?
When you select the ________ rule type, the New Formatting Rule dialogue box does not show the Format button.
Created by: TroyIS2241