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Excel Chapter 3

Definitions for Excel chapter three.

____________ is a visual representation of numerical data. Chart
____________ is a numeric value that describes a single value on a chart. Data point
____________ is text that describes a collection of data points in a chart. Category label
____________ displays data comparisons vertically in columns. Column chart
____________ contains the entire chart and all of its elememts. Chart area
____________ contains a graphical representation of values in a data series. Plot area
____________ is a horizontal line that borders the plot area to provide a frame of reference for measurement. X-axis
____________ is a vertical line that borders the plot are to provide a frame of reference for measurement. Y-axis
____________ provides descriptive group names for subdividing the data series. Category axis
____________ displays incremental values to identify the values of the data series. Value Axis
____________ compares values for one set of data. Single data series
____________ compares two or more sets of data in one chart. Multiple data series
____________ groups or clusters similar data columns to compare values across categories. Clustered column chart
____________ is a key that identifies the color, gradient, picture, texture, or pattern fill assigned to each data series in a chart. Legend
____________ places stacks of data in segments on top of each other in one column, with each category in the data series represented by a different color. Stacked column chart
____________ places (stacks) data in one colunm per category, with each column having the same height of 100%. 100% stacked column chart
___________ adds a thrid dimentsion to each data series, creating a distorted perspective of the data. 3-D chart
___________ compares values across categories using horizontal bars. Bar chart
___________ uses a line to connect data points in order to show trends over a period of time. Line chart
____________ shows each data point in proportion to the whole data series as a slice in a circular pie. Pie chart
____________ seperates one or more pie slices from the rest of the pie chart. Exploded pie chart
____________ emphasizes magnitude of changes over time by filling in the space between lines with a color. Area chart
____________ shows a relationship between two variables. XY (scatter) chart
____________ shows the high, low, and close prices for individual stocks over time. Stock chart
___________ displays trends using two dimensions on a continuous curve. Surface chart
___________ displays values as percentages of the whole but may concern more than one data series. Doughnut chart
___________ shows relationships among three values by using bubbles. Bubble chart
____________ compares aggregate values of three or more variables represented on axes starting from the same point. Radar chart
____________ contains a single chart and no spreadsheet data. Chart sheet
___________ indicatred by faint dots on the outside border of a selected chart, enables you to adjust the size of your chart. Sizing handle
__________ is a miniature chart contained in a single cell. Sparkline
____________ is a label that describes the chart. Chart title
____________ is a label that describes either the category axis or the value axis. Axis title
____________ is the value or name of a data point. Data label
_____________ is a horizontal or vertical line that extends from the horizontal or vertical axis through the plot area. Gridline
_____________ is a line used to depict trends and forecast future data. Treadline
What type off chart is the LEAST appropriae for depicting yearly rainfall totals for five cities for four years?
What is the typical sequence for creating a chart?
Which of the following applies a sparkline?
If you want to show exact values for a data series in a bar chart, what chart element should you display?
The value axis currently shows increments such as 50,000 and 100,000. What do you select to display increments of 5 and 10?
You want to create a single chart that shows each of five divisions' proportion of yearly sales for each year for five years. Which type of chart can accommodate your needs?
Currently, a column chart shows values on the value axis, years on the category axis, and state names in the legend. What should you do if you want to organize data with the states on the category axis and the years shown in the legend?
Which tab contains commands to apply a predefined chart layout that controls what elements are included, where, and their color scheme?
A chart and its related data source are located on the same worksheet. What is the default Print option if the chart is selected prior to displaying the Backstage view?
Which of the following is NOT a way to display the Format Data Series dialog box for the Arts data series in a column chart?
Created by: TroyIS2241