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Excel Chapter 2

Definitions for chapter two

____________ is the process of using the mouse pointer to select cells while building a formula. Semi-selection
____________ indicates a cell's relative location from the cell containing the formula; the cell reference changes when a formula is copied. Relative cell reference
____________ indicates a cell's specific location; the cell reference does not change when you copy the formula. Absolute cell reference
___________ contains both an absolute cell reference and a relative cell reference in a formula; the absolute part does not change but the relative part does when you copy it. Mixed cell reference
____________ occurs when a formula directly or indirectly refers to itself. Circular reference
____________ is a predefined formula the performs a calculation. Function
___________ is a set of rules that govern the structure and components for properly entering a function. Syntax
____________ is an input, such as a cell reference or value, needed to complete a function. Argument
___________ displays a list of functions and defined names as you enter a function. Formula AutoComplete
____________ is a small pop-up description that displays the arguments for a function as you enter it. Function ScreenTip
____________ calculates the total of values contained in two or more cells. SUM function
_____________ calculates the arithmetic mean, or average, of values in a range. AVERAGE function
____________ identifies the midpoint value in a set of values. MEDIAN function
____________ displays the lowest value in a range. MIN function
____________ identifies the highest value in a range. MAX function
____________ tallies the number of cells in a range that contain values. COUNT function
____________ tallies the number of blank cells in a range. COUNTBLANK function
____________ tallies the number of cells in a range that are not blank. COUNTA function
____________ displays the current date. TODAY function
____________ displays the current date and time. NOW function
____________ evaluates a condition and returns one value if the condition is true and a different value if the condition is false. IF function
____________ is an expression that evaluates to true or false. Logical test
____________ is a function that contains another function embedded inside one or more of its arguments. Nested function
____________ is a range that contains data for the basis of the lookup and data to be retrieved. Lookup table
____________ is the lowest value for a specific category or series in a lookup table. Breakpoint
____________ looks up a value in a vertical lookup table and returns a related result from the lookup table. VLOOKUP function
____________ is a reference to a cell containing a value to look up. Lookup value
____________ is a range containing a lookup table. Table array
____________ is the argument in a VLOOKUP function that identifies which lookup table column from which to return a value. Colomn index number
____________ looks up a value in a horizontal lookup table where the first row contains the values to compare with the lookup value. HLOOKUP function
____________ calculates the periodic payment for a loan with a fixed interest rate and fixed term. PMT function
____________ is the periodic interest rate, such as a monthly interest rate. Rate
____________ is the total payment periods. Nper
____________ is the present value of the loan. Pv
____________ is a word or string of characters that represents one or more cells. Range name
If cell D15 contains the formula =$C$5*D15, what is the D15 in the formula?
What function would most appropriately accomplish the same thing as =(B5+C5+D5+E5+F5)/5?
When you type a function, what appears after you type the opening parenthesis?
A formula containing the entry =$B3 is copied to a cell one column to the right and two rows down. How will the entry appear in its new location?
A B10 cell contains a date, such as 1/1/2012. Which formula will determine how many days are between that date and the current date, given that the cell containing the formula is formatted with Number Format?
Given that cells A1, A2, and A3 contain values 2, 3, and 10, respectively, and B6, C6, and D6 containvalues 10, 20, and 30, respectively, what value will be returned by the function =IF(B6.A3,C6*A1,D6*A2)?
Given the function =VLOOKUP(C6,D12:F18,3), the enteries in:
Created by: TroyIS2241