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Excel Chapter 1

Definitions for chapter one

A ____________ displays the name of a worksheet within a workbook sheet tab
A _______________ is the intersection of a column and row. cell
The _____________ is the current cell, indicated by a dark border. active cell
The _______________ identifies the address of the current cell. Name Box
The __________________displays the content (text, date, or formula) of the active cell. Formula Bar
A ______________________ is an electronic file that contains a grid of columns and rows containing related data. spreadsheet
A _____________________ is a computer application used to create and modify spreadsheets. spreadsheet program
A _________________ is a spreadsheet that contains formulas, functions, values, text, and visual adis. worksheet
A _________________ is a file containing related worksheets. workbook
An __________________ is a range of cells containing values for variables used in formulas. input area
An _______________ is a range of cells containing results based on manipulating the variable. output area
A ________ ______ identifies a cell by a column letter and a row number. cell address
_______________ is always written first in a cell address Column
___________ includes letters, numbers, symbols, and spaces. Text
A __________ is anumber that represents a quantity or an amount value
A ________________ is a combination of cell references, operators, values, and/or functions used to perform a calculation. formula
The _______ __ ________ controls the sequence in which Excel performs artithmetic operations. order of precedence
_____ _____ enables you to copy the contents of a cell or cell range or to continue a sequence by dragging the fill handle over an adjacent cell or range of cells. Auto fill
The ____ ____ is a small black square at the bottom-right corner of a cell. fill handle
_______ _____ is the horizontal measurement of a column. Column width
_____ _______ is the vertical measuremetn of a row. Row height
A ______ is a rectangular group of cells range
A __________ ______ contains multiple ranges of cells nonadjacent range
____________ ___________ postions data between the left and right cell margins. Horizontal alignment
___________ ____________ positons data between the top and bottom cell margins. Vertical alignment
_____ ______ enables a label to appear on multiple lines within the current cell. Wrap text
A _________ is a line that surrounds a cell or a range. border
_____ _____ is the background color appearing behind data in a cell. Fill color
Created by: TroyIS2241