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Hist Lect 10-16-2013

What was Thomas Jeff. trying to do with the presidency regrading the tone? - He was trying to denote a tone of change in administration
What parties did both Washington and Adams either belong to or had elegance to? The Federalists
What did Adams want to do in regards to the President's Name while he was President of the Senate? Everyone call President "Excellency"
What happened as a result of Adams wanting to name the President? People didn't like him and made fun of him He was called "Your Great Routundency"
What party did Jefferson belong to? Dem-Repubs. - Are now Republicans
What did Dem-Repubs want to do? Party of the People
How was Jefferson's first message delivered? It was sent and read by a clerk
Andrew Marry Dressed to the 9s in his Diplomatic Attire Was mad at Jefferson because he answered White House door in slippers and robe Thought Thomas Jeff. was sloppy
What was another name for the White House? The Exec. Mansion
How did Jefferson see his victory Revolution of the 1800's
Why did Jefferson see his victory the way he did? Because he liked the Revolution in France so much
what did Some Federalists end up calling Jefferson An Aethiest
What did a Minister in Connecticut have to say about Jefferson? He prayed for him and asked God to send a 2x portion of His Grace upon him
What were some of the other things that Jefferson did? Architect -Monticello Violinist Inventor Scientist - Basic science of the day Agriculture
How was Jeff's confidence? He was Shy Hated confrontations Upset when congress slashed his Declaration of Indep Draft
What was one of the things that the enemies of Jeff made accusations on him for? Claimed he fathered slave children by slave woman named Sally Hemmings
Who was Thomas Jeff's wife? Martha Never said anything pub or priv about charges
How was it proved that Jefferson and Hemmings were may have had children? DNA
Who was Sally Hemmings to Martha Could possibly be her Half Sister
What did Jefferson believe his election saved? country from militarism and monarchy
What did the Revolution of 1800 change more than anything else? More of a change of men than measures
what did Jeff. believe in regards to Army/Navy? In small standing army and navy
What did JEff. call for in his 1st Inaugural Address? Called for wise and frugal gov.
Who was the Sec. of Treasury for Jeff. -Albert Galletin
Who is Albert Galletin was an immigrant reduced national debt in 10 yrs and almost cut it in half by cutting the military he could afford to do this because the Indians have been pacified by the Battle of Fallen Timbers
What Reign did Jefferson end? Federalist Reign of Terror
What happened to Those in prison because of Alien and Sedition Act Jeff. pardoned them
What did Jeff. do with the Army/Navy? Reduced the army and Navy
What did Jeff. want to do with the Judiciary Wanted to destroy National Judiciary of Federalists
Jan 1801 Presid. Adams signs new Judiciary Act
John Marshall Chief justice of US Supreme Court
William Marbury Sued to have commission delivered because Madison refused to deliver it. Marbury v Madison
Marbury v Madison First major cases taken up by the Supreme Court Marbury included in Midnight Appointments and Madison wouldn't give him it so Marbury sued
Why was Marshall in tough position If court orders Jefferson or Madison to deliver commission then what if president refuses? - Marshall can’t call out the Supreme court “police” - Marshall cant roll over and play dead either
What Legal Twist did Marshal do? Supported Jeff and Madison on Marbury commission The clause that gave Marbury right to sue was Unconstitutional Judicial Review brought in on Fed. Level
What did Jefferson want to do with impeachments ? To rid judiciary of Fed Judges
What does the HOR do int he process of Impeachment? Indicts Bringing in the charges - Impeachment
What does the Senate do in the process of Impeachment? Acts as judge and jury
what do members of the HOR act as? Members of house acts as prosecuting attorneys
How often and to whom do impeachments usually happen Happen every few years Just mostly for Fed Judges
John Pickering District Judge Real Drunk Impeached, found guilty, and removed from office
Next target for Jeff Just. Samuel Chase of US Supreme Court Signer of Dec of Indep and a Federalists and forced Sedition act in partisan fashion
What did Samuel Chase predict from the Jeff. Admin? Mobocracy
Aaron Burr VP President of Senate Killed A Hamilton in a duel
John Randolph of Roanoke Prosecutor Very strange Mean streak Did his best to prosecute Chase No real charges against Chase
March 1 1805 Just before Jeff’s 2nd Inaugural Senate decided NOT to Remove Chase
What would have happened Had Samuel Chase Been Found Guilty Jeffersonians would have gone right through the Supreme Court Impeaching people
What was John Marshall Called? the LAST FEDERALIST He continues to issue Federalist Tinge Decisions
What was going on with the Barbary Pirates when Jeff. became president? 2milli dollars being paid to Barber Pirates Entire Fed budget was $10 Milli - 1/5 of National Budget
May 1801 Pasha of Tripoli declared War on US
1804 American Warship/Frigate ran ground and Capt. Bainbridge and Crew taken Captive Task force with Commodore Edward upon USS Constitution led fleet into Mediterranean
Steve Decatur 1st Naval Hero of US since Revol War Aboard a commandeered local ship named the Intrepid Capture the Philadelphia and burned it to the water line
Treaty Tripolitan War Ended in 1805 Us continued to pay tribute but it was just a more favorable tribute until After War of 1812
What was happening While Barbary Pirates being taught a lesson? Boundaries of US extended to Rocky Mts.
Louisiana Location: Between Mississippi and Rockies
Who did Louisiana belong to? Spanish possession from French and Indian War Unsettle other than Indians
What was France doing at Same time US / France had alliance France secretly obtained Louisiana from Spain
Napoleon Temporarily at Peace with Brits Planned to extend French Domination across the continent Louisiana as Bread Basket to support French Sugar Islands helping to advance France Military Machine
Oct 1802 Louisiana CLOSED to American Traders Westerners furious Federalist were delighted Moved US closer to War with France Jeff wanted to settle Diplomatically - James Monroe to France - Robert Livingston
Why was the Electoral College invented? to keep election out of the hands of the voters
March 4 1801 Thomas Jeff was the 1st presid. Inaugurated in Washington
Communication By appointing another diplomat to tell other diplomat the instructions
France 10Milli Dollars for Louisiana If France refused then Monroe/Livingston offer 7 Milli Dollar If that refuses then Monroe/Livingston open a communication with Brit Gov. to est. a closer connection with Great Brits
Created by: KyronCox