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World History Ch2

Prentice Hall World History Connections to Today

How did the Hebrews beliefs about God differ from those of other ancient religions? Hebrews believed in one God.
What civilization controlled the Fertile Crescent after the fall of Sumer? Babylonians
Hittites were the first to do this... extract iron from ore.
What did the Sumerians believe was their highest duty? to keep the divine beings happy.
Which of the following Middle Eastern rulers put together the first collection of laws in history? Hammurabi
What god did the Egyptian people believe was the chief god? Amon-Re
Why did the Egyptians mummify their dead? to give the soul use of its body in the afterlife.
Most Egyptians were...` peasant farmers.
The government of Sumer consisted of many independently ruled city-states.
Which of the following did NOT lead to the collapse of the Old Kingdom? foreign invaders.
Which of the following accurately describes Egyptians pharaohs? They were considered to be both gods and kings.
The Egyptians of the Old Kingdom built the pyramids as... burial tombs for the pharaohs.
Which of the following laws is NOT found in the Code of Hammurabi? slaves have no rights.
Which civilization created the first uniform system of coinage? Persian.
The annual flooding for the Nile River benefitted the Egyptians by... creating farmland by leaving a rich layer of silt.
A covenant, such as the one made between God and Abraham, is ... a binding agreement
In about 2300 B.C., the first known empire was created by... Sargon, ruler of Akkad.
The Israelites most sacred test is called... Torah.
Which does NOT describe a right given to Egyptian women? encouraged to hold government jobs.
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