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7th grade chapter3


What was the Great Zimbabwe? A great trading center
What was one of the earliest forms of African art? Cave paintings
Which word is used for describing when women are used to trace a family's history? Matrilineal
What did the Romans introduce that revolutionized trade? Camels
Who found a way to cross between North and West Africa? Berbers
What was created when the earth's crust cracked and dropped. The Great Rift Valley
What type of climate ran through the middle of Africa alongside the equator? Rain forests
What is the name of the world's largest desert? Sahara
Which word means that slaves or people have been taken/spread all over the world? Diaspora
What two goods did the empires of West Africa trade most. Gold and salt
What is an African storyteller who passes down a people's history called? Griots
Swahili means "people of the __________" Coast
Which geographic feature prevented the Bantu from migrating to North Africa? The Sahara Desert
In West Africa, several civilizations developed along the Niger River
Hans Vischer called a trade route "death road" because It crossed 1,500 miles of the Sahara
What kingdom conquered the empire of Ghana in the 1200s. Mali
Tropical grasslands are sometimes referred to as what? Savanna
How were the Bantu families organized? They lived with their extended families
What outside religion most impacted medieval Africa? Islam
How did Islam impact Africa? Art, language, and laws
Swahili is a blending of what two cultures? African and Muslim
Created by: reeds