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Dean Vaughn L8-L9

Review for L-8 and L-9 Test

gravidity condition of being with child; pregnancy
ependymopathy disease of the ependyma membrane
pneumonedema abnormal quantities of fluid in the lungs
aerosis production of gas in the tissues or organs of the body
isodactylism condtion in which the fingers are of relatively equal length
edematous pertaining to or affected by edema
metabolism sum of all the physical and chemical processes by which living organized substance is produced and maintained; or transformation making energy available for use by the body
parietitis inflammation of the wall of an organ
plaque any patch or flat area
malacoplakia formation of soft patches on the mucous membrane of a hollow organ
onychophagy nail biting
sedative agent such as a drug that calms or reduces excitement
rediotherapy the treatment of disease by use of x-rays or rays from a radioactive substance
renopulmonary pertaining to the kidneys and the lungs
cineangiography recording of images of the blood vessels through motion picture techniques
dyspnea difficult or labored breathing
subdorsal situated below the dorsal (back) region
digital pertaining to fingers and toes
cuticle a little skin; outer layer of the skin
empathy feeling within; entering into feelings of another person
mammary pertaining to the breast
microcardia small heart
granulation formation in wounds of small rounded fleshy masses
laterad toward a side
geminus a twin
pleuropneumonia pleurisy complicated with pneumonia
peptic pertaining to digestion
periosteoma morbid bony growth surrounding a bone
phobic pertaining to fear; morbid fear
tarsitis inflammation of the edge of the eyelid (AKA: blepharitis)
prolabium promininant central part of upper lip
rachitic pertaining to or affected by richets (disease causing failure to form bones properly and softening of the bones due to lack of vitamin D)
Created by: tina.reynolds