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hs health

chpt 3,4,5 test

being honost, loyal, and reliable trustworthiness
being interested and involved in your school and community citizenship
being considerate of others and treating their possessions with care respect
being open-minded and playing by the rules fairness
being accountable for the choices you make responsibility
signals that tell your mind and body how to react emotions
mental processes that protect individuals from strong or stressful emotions or situations defense mechanisms
ability to imagine and understand how someone else feels empathy
chemical secreted by glands that regulates the activity of body cells hormone
intentional use of unfriendly or offensive behavior hostility
any cause of stress stressor
reaction an individual may go through after a loss stage of grief
physical reaction tha tresults from stress psychosomatric response
act of becoming aware through the senses perception
state of calm relaxation response
disease marked by mood swings from extreme "high" to extreme "lows" bipolar disorder
anxiety disorder characterized by sudden enexplained feelings of terror panic disorder
serious condition in which feelings of helplessness and sadness lost for weeks or months major depression
condition in which real or imagined fears are hard to control anxiety disorder
a mark of disapproval that results in one's being rejected by others stigma
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