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Chap.2 SS-Temming

Chap. 2 SS-Temming

Who made the decision for the Iroquois League as a whole? The Great Council
The Iroquois used the land and its resources for: shelter, food, water, and clothing
Animals provided what 3 things to the peoples of the Eastern Woodlands? food, clothes, material for tools
The Iroquois hunters felt a________to nature. connection
A hunter would speak to and_______the deer before he killed it. thank
The Iroquois today still form its__________ __________. Great Council
Most Plains people followed a_________and_________life. farming and hunting
Most Plains people settled along_______because much of the land was dry. rivers
The buffalo was an important animal to the Plains people because it provided what 4 things? food, clothes, pots, bowls
Using the__________, the Cheyenne changed their way of life. __________hunting became easier. horse buffalo
The horse became so important to the Cheyenne that they measured______in horses. wealth
Many Cheyenne today still live on the Great Plain, in the state of _____________. Montana
The environment of the Southwest Desert cultural region is mostly______and______. hot arid
The Hopi placed their villages on top of_______ ________. This helped them_________themselves. high mesas defend
The Hopi believed that_______could bring rain so they did a ________ceremony in its honor. Kachinas dance
The Hopi today follow ancient________and live on traditional______________. ceremonies lands
The Hopi have adopted some_________ways. modern
A potlatch is a party where the hosts give_________ to show their_________and_______. gifts generosity wealth
A shaman's main role in the Kwakiuti society is to________sick people. cure
Among the Kwakiuti, both _______and________ could become shamans. men and women
Kwakiuti life today is a blend of _________and ___________cultures. They have also added_____customs. modern traditional new
Foods found in the Kwakiuti culture are _______,________,_________, and ________. sugar, flour, potatoes, tea
Created by: Mrs. Logan