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GoPo Vocab F - G

GoPo Review Vocab F - G

Privilege enjoyed by members of Congress entitling them to free postage for any mailings made as part of the official duties Franking
Scrapped in 1987, it provided that the media air opposing opinions of the same issue Fairness doctrine
Phrase used to describe the mutual respect and legality of laws, public records, and judicial decisions made by states Full faith and credit
Designation given to the candidates who leads in the polls Front runner
The tendency of Pentagon officials to ask weapons contractors to meet excessively high requirements Gold plating
Part of the First Amendment stating that Congress shall make no law prohibiting people from practicing their religion Free Exercise
A clause added to registration laws allowing people who did not meet registration requirements to vote if they or their ancestors had voted before 1867 (before African Americans were legally allowed to vote) Grandfather clause
State legislatures, based on political affiliation, create congressional districts that favor the political party in power in the state making the changes Gerrymandering
Body that regulates the money supply Federal Reserve
Tactic used in the Senate whereby a vote on legislation can be delayed through debate Filibuster
Those regulations passed by Congress or issued by regulatory agencies to the states with federal funds to support them Funded mandates
Refers to the scheduling of the early presidential primaries and its impact on the selection of the majority of presidential delegates Front loading
A significant deviation between the way men and women vote Gender gap
A splinter group of a political party Faction
The concept that the government can limit free speech if it can be proved that the result of speech will cause physical violence Fighting words doctrine
Federal funds provided to states and localities for projects such as airports, highways, education, and major welfare services: includes categorical and block grants Grants-in-aid
Admission at a trial of evidence that is gathered in violation of the Constitution if the violation results from a technical or minor error Good faith exception
The overall division of power between the federal government and state governments Federalism
An alternative to the progressive income tax where individuals pay the same percentage regardless of how much they earn Flat tax
The presidential candidate backed by the home state at the party's nominating convention Favorite son
Technique used by pollsters to determine how a cross section of voters feels about a particular topic Focus group
Concept of government where funding is appropriated by the federal government to the states with specific conditions attached; the legislation can be in the form of mandates Fiscal Federalism
Agreement that reconciled the interests of small and large states by allowing the former to predominate in the Senate and the latter in the House Great Compromise
Created by: betsynewmark