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Hersey Vocab-Myths

Mythology Terms for World Lit Comp

What vocabulary word describes unknown - no standard? phenomena
What is another word for horrible? horrific
What is a vocabulary word that means great lack of food? famine
What is a vocabulary word that means extremely angry? enraged
What is a vocabulary word that means extremely old? ancient
What is a vocabulary word that means to sit in a place of authority? enthroned
What is a vocabulary word that means to do something to make peace or to do something just to please someone? appease
Why did man create myths? to explain fire, troubles, the sun, etc.
What is a mythical being with more power than humans, but less than a god? demigod
How did man explain the terror of thunder/lightening? He created an image of a great god enthroned in the skies with a powerful voice.
How did man explain the horrific storms of the sea? He created the blue-haired God of the waves who was enraged.
What influenced the inaccuracy of myths? Stories changed when different people told them.
When was Mother-Earth angered? When there was drought/famine
When was Mother-Earth happy? When plants bore seeds and crops grew
Why do we study myths? They influence literature and music, among other things.
Created by: tobiashersey