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GoPo Laws

Review of Laws in GoPo

A law passed in 1966 giving citizens the right to inspect all government records except those containing military, intelligence, or trade secrets or information revealing private personnel actions Freedom of Information Act
Mandates equal pay for male and female workers doing the same job Equal Pay Act of 1963
1939 law that prohibits civil servants from active participation in partisan politics; amended in 1993 Hatch Act
1883 law which began the process of transferring federal jobs form patronage to the merit system Pendleton Act
An 1989 law creating an Office of Special Counsel to investigate complaints from bureaucrats claiming they were punished after reporting to Congress about waste, fraud, or abuse in their agencies Whistleblower Protection Act
Allows the federal government to register voters where there were restrictions before November 1, 1964 Voting Rights Act of 1965
A law passed in 1969 requiring agencies to issue an environmental impact statement before undertaking any major action affecting the environment National Environmental Policy Act
Prohibits discrimination in employment because of a disability Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990
Requires states to redistrict in such a way that majority minority representation will be ensured Voting Rights Act of 1982
Created by: betsynewmark