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Faculty of Science

Actuarial Science (SCI) - BSc - maj, hons - analyses risk so that businesses can make their decisions within acceptable limits - combine your interests in business, economics and mathematics
Management and Systems Science (SCI) - BSc - maj, hons - SRY - the very latest technology can be used to analyze the way we do business - Study computing, economics, mathematics, and analytics
Operations Research (SCI) - BSc - maj, hons - apply analytical techniques to real-world situations - the mathematical knowledge used to study complex problems that occur in many areas of science & industry, software skills to come up with solutions
Statistics (SCI) - BSc - maj, hons, min - extracting information from data and designing scientific studies and surveys - Study probability, correlation, model building, and biostatistical methods
Behavioural Neuroscience (SCI/FASS) - BSc - maj, hons - between Psyc and BPK - behavioral and physiological science background together with sufficient concentration in this specialized fields
Biological Physics (SCI) - BSc - Maj, hons - the very basics of life, how molecules form organisms and how those organisms organize and evolve - Study all levels of systems, from the molecular level of DNA to the largest phenomena of ecosystems
Biology (SCI) - BSc - Maj, hons, min - understand the reach of modern biology, from molecules and their chemical processes right up to interaction between organisms and their environments - study molecules/cells/ physiology/ecology/evolution/conservation
Biomedical Physiology (SCI) - BSc - maj, hons, min - study anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and movement - Get a grounding in biology, chemistry, physics and math, then intensively study the human body
Molecular Biology and Biochemistry (SCI) - BSc - maj, hons, min - jnt mjr bus, cmpt - explore how life works from a biochemical, cellular and molecular perspective - Study cells, genes, metabolism and nucleic acids
Chemical Physics (SCI) - BSc - maj, hons - master two highly-technical and specialised areas of science at the same time
Chemistry (SCI) - BSc - Maj, hons, min - jnt mjr easc - study matter in all its complexity, from its physical properties to its many transformations - Study not just chemistry, but physics and molecular biology and biochemistry
Nuclear Science (CHEM) - minor - combine the extensive knowledge of chemists and physicists - Study advanced chemistry, radiochemistry, nucleosynthesis and quantum mechanics
Earth Sciences (SCI) - BSc - maj, hons, min - jnt mjr chem - learn about our earth, from the atmosphere down through the mantle, from ancient geology to the present - Study in the lab and in the field year-round, from glaciers to volcanoes
Science Year One - SRY - cohort - SCI/FENV/HSCI - two terms, begins in Fall - great for folks who are unsure of what to study
General Sciences (SCI) - BSc - Double minor - can be one or two sciences minors - certain amount of creds to be taken in science
Kinesiology (SCI) - BSc - maj, hons, min - understand human structure and function, and their relation to movement and health - Study physiology, anatomy, fitness appraisal and rehabilitation
Life Sciences Year Two - SRY - BPK, MBB, STAT, BISC, CHEM - follow up to science year one - but need not have done first year
Mathematical Physics (SCI) - BSc - Honours Only - the rigorous combination of mathematics and physics - Study vector calculus, programming, relativity and quantum mechanics
Mathematics (SCI) - BSc - maj, hons, min - jnt mjr cmpt - Study geometry for computer graphics, fractals and chaos, and probability theory
Applied Mathematics (SCI) - BSc - maj - Use the power of math to describe, model and solve problems in the real world, using high-performance computing
Physics (SCI) - BSc - maj, hons, min - explore the many aspects of modern physics to understand how our world actually works - Study kinematics and dynamics, force and motion, electricity and magnetism, mechanics and radioactivity
Applied Physics (SCI) - BSc - maj - understand the underlying principles that make our modern-day technology work - Work alongside engineers to build electronic devices and develop new computing technologies
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