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Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Anthropology (FASS) - BA - maj, hons, ext min, min - jnt mjr arch, cmns, crim, gsws, soc - the social and cultural forces that affect our lives and the lives of people in other societies
Cognitive Science (FASS) - BA - maj, hons, min - Cognitive science is the study of the mind from many different perspectives Cognitive science undergraduates take a variety of courses in computing science, linguistics, philosophy, and psychology
Criminology (FASS) - BA - maj, hons, ext min, min - jnt mjr anth, gsws, psyc, soc - acquire an in-depth understanding of the complexities of criminal and other deviant behaviour and of society's reaction to crime and deviance
Legal Studies (CRIM) - minor - multi-disciplinary approach to the study of law and legal institutions, approaching the subject from different social, economic and philosophical contexts
Economics (FASS) - BA - maj, hons, ext min, min - jnt mjr business - Economics is about understanding how decisions get made about what gets produced in the economy, how it gets produced, and who gets what.
First Nations Studies (FASS) - BA - maj, min - jnt mjr arch, linguistics - partners with Indigenous and other communities and individuals to build dynamic relationships that restore and revitalize traditional knowledges, ancient/modern aesthetics,languages & literatures
First-Year Experience in Arts and Social Sciences - Explorations - CrimOne - Global Issues FLC - Social and Behavioural Sciences
CrimOne - nterdisciplinary first-year option at SFU Surrey for students intending to specialize in Criminology - some set classes, some electives - priority registration in core CRIM ONE and SFU Surrey courses
Explorations (FASS) - SRY - Cohort - explorations classes are interdisciplinary
Global Issues FLC - SRY - includes mentorship - combines first-year courses in World Literature, International Studies and History
Social and Behavioural Issues FLC - SRY - includes mentorship - combines first-year courses in Psychology, Sociology and Cognitive Science
French (FASS) - BA - maj, hons, ext min, min - jnt mjr engl, hum, hist - teaching and research in language, linguistics, literature and culture
French Language Cohort in Public Administration and Community Services (FASS) - BA - French & Poli Sci - maj/min in one or the other - taught primarily in French and include such topics as Canadian government, political economy, research methods, public administration, governance, and Canadian and Quebec History
Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies (FASS) - BA - maj, ext min, min - jnt mjr anth, crim, engl, psyc, hist, hum, pols, soc - first uni in Canada with a women's studies program - exploration of gender exps & achievements, & to develop new criteria and methods for the appraisal of women's status
General Studies (FASS) - BA - MUST have permission from Arts advisor
Gerontology (FASS) - minor - research, education and information on individual and population aging
Police Studies (CRIM) - minor - forensic studies, restorative justice, and crime analysis and crime prevention
Humanities (FASS) - Includes Hellenic Studies! - BA - maj, hons, min - covers a broad range of ideas and subjects drawn from philosophy, art, literature, history, religion, science, and social and political thought.
History (FASS) - BA - maj, hons, ext min, min - jnt mjr gsws, hum, pol - major world regions and cultures, to historical periods, and social, political, cultural, and economic themes
Labour Studies (FASS) - minor - the subjects of work, working people, and trade unions
Asia-Canada Studies (FASS) - minor, ext minor - investigate the connections between Asia and contemporary Canadian society.
International Studies (FASS) - BA - maj, hons, min - jnt mjr world lit - interdisciplinary research and teaching on international affairs - Drawing from the disciplines of Economics, Comparative Politics and International Relations, History and Anthropology
Latin American Studies (FASS) - minor - disciplinary knowledge, complemented by the international perspective
World Literature (FASS) - BA - maj, hons, ext min, min - jnt mjr hist, IS - focuses on the way writing travels beyond its context of origin and acquires a new life in other languages, nations and traditions
Languages (FASS) - certificates in: - chinese studies, german studies, hellenic (greek) studies, italian studies, spanish - non-certificate: japanese, persian
Philosophy (FASS) - BA - maj, hons, ext min, min - jnt mjr hsci (arts), hum - he discipline of philosophy lies in being able to notice and articulate some of the most fundamental of the beliefs we hold, beliefs that serve to bind our lives together
Linguistics (FASS) - BA - maj, hons, ext min, min - jnt mjr cmpt, fnst - how speech sounds are produced, he formal properties of sound systems and grammatical structures, the history of languages
English (FASS) - BA - maj, hons, ext min, min - jnt mjr fren, gsws, hum - gain insight into the world of ideas, to deepen knowledge of great literature and the role of literature in reflecting and shaping culture
Political Science (FASS) - BA - maj, hons, ext min, min - jnt mjr fren & hist, econ, gsws - how societies are organized & governed, how competing ideas about what is best for a society are articulated & resolved, & how decisions in one part of the world effect the other parts
Sociology (FASS) - BA - maj, hons, ext min, min - jnt mjr anth, art & culture, cmns, crim, gsws - provide students with the theoretical and analytical tools to better understand the social & cultural forces that affect our lives & the lives of people in other societies
Behavioural Neuroscience (FASS/SCI) - BSc - maj, hons - between Psyc and BPK - behavioral and physiological science background together with sufficient concentration in this specialized fields
Psychology (FASS) - BA - maj, hons, ext min, min - jnt mjr bus, crim, gsws - the scientific study of behaviour, thought, and feeling
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