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FA&A: App Entrance

Financial Aid & Awards - Applications Required Entrance Scholarships

General MES info - Open to ALL high school students - recognizes academic, community, artistic and athletic achievement - Announced early April - mid-May - 1300+ apps, 125 offers
Simon Fraser Scholarship (MES) - Canadians/PR only - 34,000$ over 8 terms - Average 90%/31 IB+ - 2 awarded each year
United World College Major Entrance Scholarship (MES) - Earlier than early deadline - 5000$ per term, plus waived tuition - approx 6/7 given out
Simon Fraser Alumni Leadership Scholarship (MES) - Canadians/PR only - 29,000$ over 8 terms - Average 90%/31 IB+ - 2 awarded each year
Gordon M. Shrum Scholarships (MES) - Canadians/PR only - 24,000$ over 8 terms - Average 90%/31 IB+ - 40 awarded each year
Shad Valley Gordon M. Shrum Scholarship (MES) - Canadians/PR only - 24,000$ over 8 terms - Average 90%/31 IB+ - 3-5 awarded each year
Dean’s Excellence Entrance Scholarships (MES) - Canadians/PR only - 12,000$ over 4 terms - Average 90%/31 IB+ - varying amount awarded each year
Tadeusz Specht Memorial Scholarships (MES) - Canadians/PR OR intl student greaduating in Canada - 10,000$ over 4 terms - Average 90%/31 IB+ - 10 awarded each year - Health Science program - 3.0 cgpa (12 units) to renew
Jack Diamond Awards - Must be nominated - 10 given out - 4000$ over 2 terms - Athletes: must be nominated by Varsity coaches
International Dean's Excellence Entrance Scholarship - Average 90%/31 IB+ - This competition is open to both Canadian and international students.
H.Y. Louie or Lohn Foundation Entrance Awards - $5000 over 2 terms - Demonstrate financial need - commitment to volunteerism - mininum average 80% - deadline April 30 - GPA of 2.0 to renew, based on min 12 units
Columbia College Alumnus Entrance Scholarship - Must be an alumnus of columbia college - amount & terms distributed varies based on endowment fund - demonstrate leadership and two reference letters - Deadline May 30
SFU Africa Entrance Scholarship - High school students in Africa may apply - 90%/31 IB+ to be eligible - 40,000$ over 8 terms - tuition waived
Stanley Morisse Memorial Scholarship - for students from HS in Cyprus or transfer from Cyprus univesity - amount based on endowment fund
Honourable William H. Hamilton Scholarships - Transfer students with min 3.5 gpa and 24-60 credits - 10,000$ over 4 terms
University to University Transfer Scholarships - Transfer students with 3.7 gpa and 24-60 credits - 3500$ over 2 terms - also maybe travel allowance - If student is offered Ken Caple scholarship they are not eligible for this -
Aboriginal Entrance Award (Transfer) - Aboriginal student with 2.5 transfer gpa and community connection - OR successful completion of the Aboriginal University Prep Program - 2500$ over 2 terms - GPA of 2.0 to renew, based on min 12 units
Surrey Close to Home Entrance Awards - 2000$ over 2 terms - 40 awarded - Canadians/PR only, Fall only - commitment to school, community, leadership - interested in program at Surrey campus - Min 80% average - Deadline Feb 28
City of Surrey Memorial Employee Entrance Award - 1000$ - Canadian/PR only, Fall only - academic achievement, community involvement - dependants of city of surrey employees - deadline April 30
Community Entrance Awards - 2000$ over 2 terms - 6 awarded - Canadian/PR only - commitment to school, community leadership, arts, or sciences - Min average 80% - preference to students outside GVRD - Deadline March 15
Aboriginal Entrance Award - 2500$ over 2 terms - 8 awarded, all terms - Indigenous students with min 80% average - connection to aboriginal community
Entrance Bursaries - up to 25,000$ over 4/5 years - Fall only - number awarded varies - Canadian HS students w/ financial need - Min average 80% - Deadline April 30
Kenneth E. MacKenzie Annual Entrance Scholarship - 1000$ - Canadian/PR only - excellent academics - Surrey specific program - Deadline April 30
Mona F. East Memorial Entrance Scholarship - student from Similkameen Secondary School with the highest average who will attend SFU - amount varies based on endowment
Rotary Club of Vancouver Sunrise Entrance Scholarship - Students from King George Secondary School are preferred - academic merit
Self-reporting grades - Semester system: Self report grade 11 marks - Linear system: Self reporting opens Dec 15 - Must receive self-reported grades for scholarships!
Created by: c_wilson