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ecosystems test

6th gr vocabulary list (ecosystems)

ecosystem an area in which living and non-living things interact
population a group of the same kind of organisms that live in an area
community all the organisms living together in a particular ecosystem
omnivore a consumer that eats both plants and animals
carnivore a consumer that eats only other animals
herbivore a consumer that eats only plants or other producers
carbon dioxide cycle a natural cycle in which plants and other producers use carbon dioxide and produce oxygen and living things use oxygen and produce carbon dioxide
water cycle a continuous process in which water moves between the atmosphere and earth's surface
adaptations a structure or behavior that allows an organism to survive in it's environment
photosynthesis the process by which producers such as plants make their own food by using energy from the sun
producers an organism that makes it's own food through photosynthesis
consumers a living thing that obtains energy by eating other living things
decomposers a living thing that breaks down the remains of dead organisms
food chain the path of energy transfer from one living organism to another in an ecosystems
food web ( know the flow of energy) the overlapping food chains that link producers, consumers and decomposers in an ecosystems
biotic living things in an ecosystem
abiotic non-living things in an ecosystem
predator a consumer who gets energy by feeding off of other living things
prey living things that predators feed off of and get their energy from
aquarium an aquatic environment that supports life and has it's own ecosystem
terrarium an enclosure, container or structure adapted or prepared for keeping animals under semi-natural conditions for observation or study or as pets an aquarium or terrarium
quantitative the amount of something that is the same (species, color ex.)
scavenger living organisms who get their energy from eating already dead organisms that have been eaten by predators
organism a living thing that requires energy to live
Created by: coached4417