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3rd grade Soc Studie

Ben Franklin

What is an almanac? a book that gives the days and months of the year as well as facts and helpful hints
Who was Benjamin Franklin? a printer, writer, scientist, and great American
What was the War for Independence? the war in which the American colonists fought for their freedom from England.
What is the Constitution of the United States? the name of the plan of government for the United States
What is Boston, Massachusetts? a city in which Benjamin Franklin was born
What is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania? the city in which both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were written
What is France? the country that came to the aid of the American colonies near the end of the War for Independence
Where was Benjamin Franklin born? Boston, Massachusetts
What was Ben's fathers occupation or job? a candle maker
Ben was the youngest of how many children? seventeen
When Ben was twelve years old, what did he decide to become? a printer
Where did Ben go when go when he was sixteen? Why? Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He wanted to be on his own.
What was the first thing he bought? three rolls of bread for three cents
Whom did Ben marry? Deborah Read
What is an almanac? a calendar with information
Who helped plan the first fire department in America? Ben Franklin
What did Ben Franklin use to discover electricity? a kite and a key
Name three things Benjamin Franklin did to help the people of Philadelphia? He served as Postmaster General, began a police force, and suggested ways to have cleaner streets.
What is a constitution? a written plan of government providing for such things as freedom of speech/religion. It contains laws concerning how our President/Congress are to be chosen/how they are to govern our country.
What two of Benjamin Franklin's inventions? Franklin stove and lightning rod
Where did Benjamin Franklin go to borrow money to help the colonists win the war? France
How old was Benjamin Franklin when the Constitution was written? 81
What did Franklin suggest the men do when they began to argue at the meeting where the Constitution was written? pray