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OC Spring Final

Use for Final on 5/31

Define-cataract steep rapids in a river, a very large waterfall
Define-democracy rule by the people; government by the people
Define- tyrant a person who rules by force
Define- aristocracy rule by the important people
Define-delta a triangle-shaped deposit of soil near the mouth of a river
Define-floodplain an area of low lying ground next to a river, subject to flooding
Define-hieroglyph the Egyptian system of writing using pictures and symbols
Define-dynasty a series of rulers from the same family
Define-inundation the annual flooding of the Nile
Define-oligarchy rule by the few
Define-Black Land the dark rich soil which was great for farming.
Define-Red Land the dry, barren desert land of Egypt
Define-pharaoh a ruler in ancient Egypt, believed to be a god
Be able to match names characters from the Golden Goblet to a description of each one. Ibni, Heqet, Gebu, Thutra, Ranofer, Zau, the Queen, Thutmose, Wenamon, the Ancient
Be able to label the following features on a map of Egypt. the Mediterranean Sea, The Nile River, Upper and Lower Egypt, Thebes, Alexandria, Giza, the Red Sea, and the Sinai Peninsula
Choose a character from The Golden Goblet and describe how they were important to the overall plot of the story. Refine your rough draft that you wrote in class.
Describe the best and worst parts of democracy. Majority decisions reflect a group consensus, but not all majority decisions are good. Not everyone is always allowed to vote, etc.
Who decoded the Rosetta Stone Jean Francois-Champollion
What was the Delian League? The Delian League was an alliance between the Greek city-states to join together if the Persians attacked again.
How is democracy in the US and in ancient Greece similar? they voted, held assemblies to make decisions, and legal citizens could vote.
How is democracy different in the US? In the US, your social status doesn't matter to vote, men AND women can vote, must be 18 to vote, birth place doesn't matter as long as you are a legal citizen
How is democracy different in ancient Greece? women and slaves could not vote, you had to be born in that specific city state to vote, social status mattered
Why is the Nile River called "the lifeblood of Egypt?" The Nile is the lifeblood of Egypt because Egypt is in the middle of the Sahara Desert and water is scarce. The Nile makes life possible in a barren land. Egyptians used it for drinking, bathing, and farming.
What are the two way we classify hieroglyphs? Hieroglyphs are classified into ideograms and phonograms. Phonograms represent sounds and letters while ideograms represent whole words and ideas
Define-polis the Greek word for "city-state"
Define-acropolis the Greek word for the "high ground" that was used for defending the city
Define-agora the Greek word for "central market place"
Created by: OaksHistory