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anaesthetic drugs 2

4 anaesthtic groups phenothiazines benzodiazipines alpha 2 agonistics barbiturates
phenthiazines, eg, effects ACP. CNS-low doses=calming -high doses=sed CVS- low BP sensitive-bracysephalic/giant breeds min resp depression increases actions of other drugs
benzodiazepines, eg, effects Diazepam oral/ IV CNS-youg old sick -muscle relax, sedation, short acting, stimulate appetite. CVS- min effects, good in high risk patients.
Alpha 2 agonistics, eg, effects xylazine sed + premed 1-2hrs in dog/cat im/iv CNS-reliable sed,analgesic,muscle relax CVS-hypotension(low BP),bradycardia(low HR) Resp- RR falls, dangerous in ruminants urogenital-contraction of uterine muscle, not used in preg animals
Barbituates, eg, effects Propofol weak acid, forms alkaline soln changes plasma ph alters ratio of ionised and unionised drugs low ph causes unionised conc to rise=increases anaesthetic effect highly protein bound, changes in PP, will modify effect
propofol induction agent, (can be maintanance) iv rapid but short acting good for patients w/l.disease CNS-parid smooth loss of conciousness, min analgesia CVS-hypotension(low BP) resp depression
dissociative aneasthetics, eg, effects ketamine intense analgesia can combine with agonists 4 short surgerys not suitable 4 sole agent as has side effects 10-45 mins CNS-rapid loss of conciousness, reduces windup CVS- stimulates heart Resp- mild depression involentry muscle movments.
inhalation aneasthetic isoflorine rapid induction and recovery safe and less toxin than halothane good muscle relaxation cardiac output maintained
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