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M6 13-005

Exam 11: Block Review Questions (Rutledge)

The head to toe direction of growth is referred to as which of the following? Cephalocaudal
Which of the following refers to those times in an individual's life when he or she is more susceptible to positive or negative influences? Sensitive period
An infant who weights 7 pounds at birth would be expected to weigh how many pounds at age 1 year? 21 lbs
By what age does birth length usually double? 4 years
After age 7 years, school-age children usually grow how many inches per year? 2
How does the onset of the pubertal growth spurt compare in girls and boys? It occurs earlier in girls
a 13 year old girl asks the nurse how much taller she will get. She has been growing at about 2 inches per year but grew 4 inches in the past year. Menarche recently occurred. The nurse should base her response on which of the following? Approximately 95% of mature height is achieved when menarche occurs.
A child's skeletal age is best determined by which of the following? Radio-graphs of the hand and wrist
Trauma to which of the following sites can result in a growth problem for children's long bones? Epiphyseal cartilage plate
Lymphoid tissues such as lymph nodes are: Twice their adult size by age 10 to 12 years.
Which of the following statements is true about the basal metabolic rate (BMR) in children? Is slightly higher in boys than in girls at all ages.
A mother reports that her 6 year old child is highly active, irritable and irregular in habits & that she adapts slowly to new routines, people, or situations. According to Chess & Thomas, which category of temperament would best describes this child? Difficult child
By the time the children reach their 12th birthday, they should have learned to trust others, and should have developed a sense of the following? Industry
The predominant characteristic of the intellectual development of the child ages 2 to 7 years is egocentricity. Which describes this concept? Unable to put self in other's place.
The nurse is observing parents playing with their 10 month old daughter. Which of the following should the nurse recognize as evidence that the child is developing object permanence? Looks for the toy parents hide under the blanket.
A father tells the nurse that his child is "filling up the house with collections" like seashells, bottle caps, baseball cards, and pennies. The nurse should recognize that the child is developing which of the following? Concrete operational thinking.
Which of the following is characteristic of the pre-operational stage of cognitive development? Thinking is concrete
Which of the following behaviors is most characteristic of the concrete operations stage of cognitive development? Increasingly logical and coherent thought process.
According to Kohlberg, children develop moral reasoning as they mature. Which of the following is most characteristic of a preschooler's stage of moral development? Actions are determined as good or bad in terms of their consequences.
At what age do children tend to imitate the religious gestures and behaviors of others without understanding their significance? Toddlerhood
A toddler playing with sand and water would be participating in: Sense-pleasure play
In what type of play are children engaged in similar or identical activity, without organization, division of labor, or mutual goal? Associative
The nurse observes some children in the playroom. Which of the following play situations exhibits the characteristics of parallel play? Brian playing with his truck next to Kristina playing with her truck.
Three children playing a board game would be an example of: Cooperative play
Which of the following functions of play is a major component of play at all ages? Sensorimotor Activity
Which of the following statements is true about toy safety? Adults should be alert to notices of recalls by manufacturers.
What is probably the single most important influence on growth at all stages of development? Nutrition
Which of the following strategies would be least appropriate for a child to use to cope? Having parents solve problems.
A parent tells the school nurse that her 1st grade child watches television about 4 hours per day. When discussing this issue with the parent, the nurse should consider which of the following? Parents should supervise the amount and type of TV programs their children watch.
Which of the following should the elementary school nurse consider when discussing television and movie viewing with parents? Alcohol and tobacco use can be encouraged by television and movies.
play serves many purposes. In teaching parents about appropriate activities, the nurse should inform them that play serves the following functions. Intellectual Development. Socialization. Creativity.
Which of the following factors is an important consideration in understanding the pain experience in children? Children may not admit having pain.
the nurse is caring for a 6 year old who had surgery 12 hours ago. The child tells the nurse that she does not have pain, but a few minutes later tells her parents that she does. Which of the following should the nurse consider when interpreting this? Children may be experiencing pain even though they deny it to the nurse.
Kyle, age 6 months, is brought to the clinic. His parent says, "I think he hurts. He cries and rolls his head from side to side a lot." This mostlikely suggests which of the following features of pain? Location
Physiolgic measurements in children's pain assessment are: Of limited value as sole indicator of pain.
Non-pharmacologic strategies for pain management: May reduce pain perception.
Which of the following drugs is usually the best choice for patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) for a child in the immediate post operative period? Morphine
A lumbar puncture is needed on a school-age child. The most appropriate action to provide analgesia during this procedure is to apply: EMLA (Eutecic Mixture of Local Anesthetics) 1 hour before procedure
Caring for a child receiving intravenous (IV) morphine for severe postoperative pain. The nurse observes a slower respiratory rate, and the child can't be aroused. The most appropriate management of this child is to do which of the following? Administer naloxone (Narcan)
Which of the following represents the major stressor of hospitalization for children from middle infancy throughout the preschool years? Separation anxiety
During the first 4 days of hospitalization, Eric, age 18 months, cries inconsolably when his parents left him, and he refused staff attention. Now the nurse observes that Eric appears to be "settled in" and unconcerned about seeing his parents. Why? He may be experiencing detachment, which is the third stage of separation anxiety.
When a preschool child is hospitalized without adequate preparation, the nurse should recognize that the child may likely see hospitalization as which to the following? Punishment
Because of their striving for independence & productivity, which age group of children is particularly vulnerable to events that may lessen their feeling of control and power? School-age children
A 10 year old girls needs to have another intravenous (IV) line started. She keeps telling the nurse, "Wait a minute," and, "I'm not ready". The nurse should recognize that: This is normal behavior for a school-age child.
The most common initial reaction of parents to illness or injury and hospitalization in their child is which of the following? Disbelief
Amy (6) in the hospital again for chronic illness. Overheard are her school-age siblings, " we're sick of mom always with you in the hospital playing with you. It's not fair that you get everything and we have to stay with neighbors." Best assessment is? Jealousy and resentment are common reactions to the illness or hospitalization of a sibling.
An appropriate nursing intervention to minimize separation anxiety in a hospitalized toddler would be which of the following? Encourage parents to room in.
4 year old Brian appears to be upset by hospitalization. Which of the following is an appropriate intervention? Let him know its alright to cry.
Latasha (8 years), is being admitted to the hospital from the emergency department with an injury from falling of her bicycle. Which of the following will help her most in her adjustment to the hospital. Explain hospital schedules to her, such as mealtimes.
Samantha (age 5), tells the nurse that she "needs a Baind-Aid" where she had an injection. Which of the following is the best nursing action? Apply a Band-Aid.
Kimberly (age 3), admitted for 1 week of hospitalization. Her parents tell the nurse that they are going to buy her "A lot of new toy, because she'll be in the hospital." The nurse's reply should be based on an understanding of which of the following? At this age, children often need the comfort and reassurance of familiar toys from home.
Matthew (age 18 mo), just admitted with croup. his parents are tearful and tells the nurse, "This is all my fault. I should have taken him to the doctor sooner so he wouldn't have to be here." The care plan for the parent experiencing guilt is: Clarify misconception of the illness
Prehospitalization orientation for Diana (age 7) who is scheduled for Cardiac Sx. As part of the preparation, nurse explains that she will not be able to talk because of an endotracheal tube but she will be able to when its removed. This explanation is: An appropriate part of the child's preparation.
The nurse is caring for an adolescent who had an external fixator placed after suffering a fracture of the wrist during a bicycle accident. Which statement by the adolescent would be expected about separation anxiety? "I hope my friends don't forget about visiting me."
Ryan has just been unexpectedly admitted to the ICU after abdominal surgery. The nursing staff has completed the admission process, and Ryan's condition is beginning to stabilize. Taking with parents, what stressors should be expected? Unfamiliar Environment. Strange Smells. Inadequate knowledge of condition and routine.
What term is used to describe a child's level of consciousness when the child is arousable with stimulation? Obtundation
What term is used when a patient remains in a deep sleep, responsive only to vigorous and repeated stimulation? Stupor
The Glasgow Coma Scale consists of an assessment of: eye opening and verbal and motor responses
The nurse is closely monitoring a child who is unconscious after a fall and notices that the child suddenly has a fixed and dilated pupil. The nurse should interpret this as an... Neurosurgical Emergency
The nurse is caring for a child with severe head trauma after a car accident. What is an ominous sign that often precedes death? Periodic and irregular breathing
What test is never performed on an awake child? Oculovestibular response
The nurse is preparing a school age child for a CT scan to assess cerbral function. The nurse should include what statement in preparing the child? "The scan will not hurt."
Which neurologic diagnostic test gives a visualized horizontal and vertical cross section of the brain at any axis? CT scan
What is the priority nursing intervention when a child is unconscious after a fall? Establish adequate airway
Which drug would be used to treat a child who has increased ICP resulting from cerebral edema? Mannitol
An appropriate nursing intervention when caring for an unconscious child would be... Monitor fluid intake and output carefully to avoid fluid overload and cerebral edema.
What is descriptive of a concussion? It is a transient and reversible neuronal dysfunction.
What type of fracture describes traumatic separation of cranial sutures? Diastatic
What statement best describes a subdural hematoma? Bleeding occurs between the dura and the cerebrum.
The nurse should recommend medical attention if a child with a slight head injury experiencing: Sleepiness, Vomiting, Headache, or Confusion or Abnormal Behavior? Confusion or abnormal behavior.
A boy (age 10) on a bicycle has been hit by a car in front of the school. The school nurse immediately assesses the airway, breathing and circulation. The next action should be... Stabilize neck and spine.
An adolescent boy is brought to the emergency department after a motorcycle accident. His respirations are deep, periodic, and gasping. There are extreme fluctuations in BP. Pupils are dilated and fixed. The nurse should suspect what type of injury? Brainstem
A child is unconscious after a MVA. The watery discharge from the nose tests positive for glucose. The nurse should recognize that this suggests: Leaking cerebral spinal fluid.
A toddler fell out of a second story window. She had a brief loss of consciousness and vomited 4 times. Since admission, she has been alert and oriented. Her mother asks why a CT scan is required when she "seems fine." The nurse should explain that she: may have a brain injury.
The nurse is assessing a child who was just admitted to the hospital for observation after a head injury. What is the most essential part of the nursing assessment to detect early signs of a worsening condition? Level of Consciousness.
A school age child has sustained a head injury and multiple Fx after being thrown from a horse. The child's LOC is variable. Parents tell the nurse they think she's in pain because of periodic crying & restlessness. The most appropriate nursing action is: Discuss with the practitioner what analgesia can be safely administered.
Five-year-old girl sustained a concussion when she fell out of a tree. In preparation for discharge, the nurses discussing home care with her mother. What statement made by the mother indicates a correct understanding of the teaching? "I should expect my child to have some behavioral changes after the accident."
3-year-old child was hospitalized after near-drowning accident. The child's mother complains to the nurse, "this seems unnecessary when she's perfectly fine." The best reply would be... "The reason for this is that complication could still occur"
The most common clinical manifestation(s) of brain tumors in children is which of the following? Headaches and vomiting
Five-year-old José is being prepared for surgery to remove a brain tumor. Nursing actions should be based on which of the following? Usually the postoperative dressing covers the entire scalp.
What best describes a neuroblastoma? Diagnosis is usually made after metastasis occurs.
The mother of a 1 month old infant tells the nurse she worries that her baby will get meningitis like her oldest son did when he was an infant. The nurse should base her response on which of the following? Vaccination to prevent Haemophilus influenza type b meningitis has decreased the frequency of this disease in children.
The vector reservoir for agents causing viral encephalitis in United States is... Mosquitoes and ticks.
What may be beneficial in reducing the risk of Reyes syndrome? Avoidance of aspirin and ibuprofen for children with varicella or those suspected of having influenza.
When taking the history of the child hospitalized with Reyes syndrome, the nurse should not be surprised that a week ago the child had recovered from? Varicella
When caring for a child with Reyes Syndrome, the priority nursing intervention is... Monitor intake and output.
A young child's parents called the nurse after the child was bitten by raccoon the woods. The nurses recommendation should be based on... Anti-rabies prophylaxis must be initiated.
A child is brought to the emergency department after experiencing a seizure at school. There's no previous history of seizures. The father tells the nurse that he cannot believe the child has epilepsy. The nurses best response is... "The seizure may or may not mean that your child has epilepsy."
What type of seizures involve both hemispheres of the brain? Generalized
What is the initial clinical manifestation of generalized seizures? Losing consciousness
What type of seizures may be difficult to detect? Absence
An important nursing intervention when caring for a child who is experiencing a seizure would be? Describe and record the seizure activity observed.
10-year-old child, without a history of previous seizures, experiences a tonic-clonic seizure at school. Breathing is not impaired, but some postictal confusion occurs. The most appropriate initial action by the school nurse would be? Stay with the child and have someone call emergency medical services (EMS).
The child has been seizure free for two years. The father asked the nurse how much longer the child will need to take the anti-seizure medication. The nurse includes and her response? A step-wise approach will be used to reduce the dosage gradually.
Children taking pentobarbital and/or phenytoin may experience a deficiency of? Vitamin D and folic acid.
What clinical manifestations would suggest hydrocephalus in a neonate? Bulging fontanel and dilated scalp veins.
The treatment of brain tumors in children consists of? Surgery. Chemotherapy. Myelography.
What clinical manifestations of increased intracranial pressure (ICP) in infants? Diplopia and blurred vision. Irritability. Distended scalp veins.
An infant with hydrocephalus is hospitalized for surgical placement of a ventriculoperitoneal shunt. What interventions should be included in the child's post-operative care? Observe closely for signs of infection. Maintain an accurate record of intake and output. Monitor for abdominal distention.
A young child who has an IQ of 45 would be described as? Moderately retarded but trainable.
When a child with mental retardation reaches the end of adolescence, what characteristics would be expected? Achieves a mental age of 8 to 12 years
When should children with cognitive impairment be referred for stimulation and educational programs? As young as possible.
What should be the major consideration when selecting toys for child who is mentally retarded? Safety
Appropriate interventions to facilitate socialization of the cognitively impaired child include what? Provide peer experiences, such as scouting, when older.
The nurse is discussing sexuality with the parents of an adolescent girl with moderate cognitive impairment. What should the nurse consider when dealing with this issue? Individuals with cognitive impairment need a well-defined, concrete code of sexual conduct.
When caring for a newborn with Down Syndrome, the nurse should be aware that the most common congenital anomaly associated with Down Syndrome is what? Congenital Heart Disease.
Mark (age 9) has Down Syndrome, is mainstreamed into a regular 3rd grade for part of the school day. His mother asks the school nurse about programs, such as Cub Scouts, that he might join. The nurse's recommendation should be what? Children with Down Syndrome have the same need for socialization as other children.
What is one of the major physical characteristics of the child with Down Syndrome? Hypotonic Musculature
A newborn assessment shows separated sagittal suture, oblique palpebral fissures, depressed nasal bridge, protruding tounge, and transverse palmar creases. These findings are most suggestive of what? Down Syndrome
The child with Down Syndrome should be evaluated for what before participating in some sports? Atlantoaxial Instability
Many of the physical characteristics of Down Syndrome present nursing problems. Care of the child should include what? Use a cool-mist vaporizer to keep mucous membranes moist.
Fragile X syndrome is what? Second most common genetic cause of mental retardation.
Distortion of sound and problems is discrimination are characteristic of what type of hearing loss? Sensorineural
Most common type of hearing loss, which results from interference of transmission of sound to the middle ear is called: Conductive
Hearing is expressed in decibels (dB), or units of loudness. What is the softest sound a normal ear can hear? (In dB) 0
The nurse should suspect a hearing impairment in an infant who demonstrates what behaviors? Absence of babbling by age 7 months
The nurse is talking witha 10 year old boy who wears bilateral hearing aids. The left hearing aid is making an annoying whistling sound that the child cannot hear. What is the most appropriate action? Suggest he reinsert the hearing aid.
What is an implanted ear prosthesis for children with sensorineural hearing loss? Cochlear Implant
What facilitates lip reading by the hearing impaired child? Speak at an even rate.
The most common cause of hearing impairment in children is what? Chronic Otitis Media
Prevention of hearing impairment in children is a major goal for the nurse. This can achieves through... Being involved in immunization clinics for children.
What refers to the ability to see objects clearly at close range but not a distance? Myopia
What term refers to opacity of the crystalline lens that prevents light rays from entering the eye and refracting on the retina? Cataract
A nurse would suspect possible visual impairment in a child who displays what? Excessive rubbing of the eyes.
When assessing the eyes of the neonate, the nurse observes opacity of the eyes. This represents what? Cataracts
The school nurse is caring for a child with a penetrating eye injury. Emergency treatment includes what? Apply a Fox shield to affected by and any type of patch to the other eye.
Of other calls emergency department nursing that his daughter's eyes burn after getting some dishwater detergent in them. The nurse recommends that the child be seen in the emergency department or by a ophthalmologist. The nurse should also what? Irrigate eyes copiously with tapwater for 20 minutes.
And adolescent gets hit in the eye during a fight. The school nurse, using flashlight, notes presence of gross hyphema (hemorrhage into anterior chamber). The nurse should Notify parents that adolescent needs to see an ophthalmologist.
What is the most common clinical manifestation of retinoblastoma? Cat's eye reflex
The nurses talking to the parent of 13-month-old child. The mother states "my child does not make noises like 'da' or 'na' like my sisters baby, who is 9 months old." What statement by the nurse would be most appropriate to make? "I'm going to request a referral to a hearing specialist"
Autism is a complex developmental disorder. The diagnostic criteria for autism include delayed or abnormal functioning in which the following areas with onset before age 3 years? Language is used in social communication. Symbolic or imaginative play. Social interaction.
What is the physiological effect of immobilization on children? Venous stasis can lead to thrombi or emboli formation.
Immobilization causes what effect on the cardiovascular system? Venous Stasis
What can result from the bone demineralization associated with immobility? Osteoporosis
Are you girl has just injured her ankle at school. In addition to calling the child's parents, the most appropriate immediate action by the school nurse is what? Apply ice
What term is used to describe a type of fracture that does not intrude a break in the skin? Simple
Kristen, age 10, sustained a fracture in the epiphyseal plate of her right fibula when she fell out of a tree. When discussing this injury with her parents, the nurse consider what? Bone growth can be affected by this type of fracture.
What is an advantage to using a fiberglass cast instead of a plaster Paris cast? Dries rapidly
The nurse is teaching the parents of the seven-year-old child who is just had a cast applied for a fractured arm with the wrist and elbow immobilized. What should be included in the teaching? Elevate casted arm when resting and when sitting up.
The nurse uses the palms of the hand when handling a wet cast for what reason? To avoid indenting the cast.
What would cause a nurse to suspect that an infection has developed under a cast? "Hotspot" felt on the cast surface.
A child is upset because, when the cast is removed from her leg, the skin is caked with desquamated skin and sebaceous secretions. What would the nursing just to remove this material? Soak in a bathtub
An adolescent is in traction. The purpose of the traction is too fatigued muscles and reduce muscle spasm so that the bone can be realigned. Nursing actions should include what? Maintain continuous traction to prevent muscle from contracting.
What is a type of skin traction with legs in an extended position? Buck extension
What type of traction uses contraction on the lower leg and a padded sling under the knee? Russell
4 year old David is placed in Buck extension traction for Legg-Calve'-Perthes disease. Is crying with pain is a nurse assesses that the skin on his right foot is pale with an absence of pulse. What should the nurse do first? Notify the practitioner of the changes noted.
An appropriate nursing intervention when caring for a child interaction would be what? Assessment, tightness, weakness, or contractors in uninvolved joints and muscles.
A neonate is born with mild clubfeet. When the parents ask the nurse how this will be corrected, the nurse would explain that... Frequent, serial casting is tried first.
Four-year-old is newly diagnosed with Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease. Nursing considerations include what? Teach family the care and management of the corrective appliance.
What term is used to describe an abnormally increased convex angulation in the curvature of the thoracic spine? Kyphosis
When does idiopathic scoliosis become most notable? During preadolescent growth spurt
The nurse is preparing an adolescent girl for an instrumentation procedure to treat scoliosis. What should the nurse include? Nasogastric intubation and urinary catheter may be required.
What is the primary method of treating osteomyelitis? Intravenous Antibiotic Therapy
Osteosarcoma is the most common bone cancer in children. Where are most of the primary tumor sites? Femur
Which of the following ids the most descriptive of the therapeutic management of osteosarcoma? Treatment usually consists of surgery and chemotherapy.
The nurse is teaching a family how to care for their infant in a Pavlik harness to treat developmental dysplasia of the hip. What should be included? Return to clinic every 1 to 2 weeks.
An adolescent is scheduled for a leg amputation in 2 days for treatment of osteosarcoma. The nurse's approach should include what? Answer questions with straightforward honesty
What medications are usually tried first when a child is diagnosed with juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA)? Non-steroidal Antiinflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs)
An important nursing consideration when caring for a child with JIA would be what? Teach child and family correct administration of medications.
The nurse is caring for an infant with developmental dysplasia of the hip. What clinical manifestations would the nurse expect to observe? Positive Ortolani click. Unequal Gluteal folds.
What best describes why children have fewer respiratory tract infections as they grow older? Repeated exposure to organisms causes increased immunity.
Labored breathing is referred to as: Dyspnea
Why are cool-mist vaporizers rather than steam vaporizers recommended in home treatment of respiratory tract infections? They are safer
Decongestant nose drops are recommended for a 10 month old infant with an upper respiratory infection. Instructions for nose drops should include what? Avoid using for more than 3 days.
What is an appropriate nursing intervention when caring for an infant with an upper respiratory tract infection and elevated temperature? Give small amounts of favorite fluids frequently to prevent dehydration.
The parent of an infant with nasopharyngitis should be instructed to notify the health car professional if the infant: shows signs of an earache.
It is generally recommended that a child with acute streptococcal pharyngitis can return to school: after taking antibiotics for over 24 hours.
A child is diagnosed with influenza, probably type A disease. Management includes what? Amantadine hydrochloride to reduce symptoms.
Chronic otitis media with effusion (OME) is differentiated from acute otitis media (AOM) because it is usually characterized by what? A feeling of fullness in the ear.
What is a characteristic of AOM? It is treated with a broad range of antibiotics.
An 18 month old child is seen in the clinic with AOM. Trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole (Bactrim) is prescribed. What statement made by the parent indicates a correct understanding of the instructions? "I should administer all of the prescribed medications."
An infant's parents ask the nurse about preventing OM. What should be recommended? Avoid tobacco smoke.
The nurse is assessing a child with croup. Examining the child's throat by using a tongue depressor might precipitate what? Complete obstruction.
What type of croup is always considered a medical emergency? Epiglottis.
The nurse encourages the mother of a toddler with acute LTB to stay at the bedside as much as possible. The nurses rationale for this action is primarily what? Of others presence will reduce anxiety and he's child's respiratory efforts.
School-age child has an upper respiratory tract infection for several days and then began having a persistent dry, hacking cough that was worse at night. The cough has become productive in the past 24 hours. This is most suggestive of what? Bronchitis
Skin testing for tuberculosis (TB) (the Mantoux test) is recommended: Periodically for children who reside in high-prevalence regions.
What is the most important consideration in managing TB in children? Chemotherapy.
The mother of a toddler yells to the nurse, "Help? He is choking to death on his food!" The nurse determines that lifesaving measures are necessary based on why? Inability to speak.
The nurse is caring for a child with acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) associated with sepsis. Nursing actions should include what? Monitor pulse oximetry.
The nurse is caring for a child with carbon monoxide poisoning associated with smoke inhalation. What is essential in this child's care? Monitor arterial blood gases.
Asthma in infants is usually triggered by: A viral infection.
What best describes bronchial asthma? There is heightened airway reactivity.
A child has chronic non-productive cough and diffuse wheezing during the expiratory phase of respiration. This suggests what? Asthma
It is now recommended that children with asthma who are taking long-term inhaled steroids should be assessed frequently because what may develop? Slowed growth.
B-Adrenergic agonists and methylxanthines are often prescribed for a child with an asthma attack. What is their action? Dilate the bronchioles
A parent whose two school age children have asthma asks the nurse in what sports, if any, they can participate. The nurse should recommend what? Swimming
What drugs is usually given first in the emergency treatment of an acute, severe asthma episode in a young child? Short acting Beta2 agonists.
What statement expresses accurately the genetic implications of cystic fibrosis (CF)? If it present in child, both parents are carriers of this defective gene.
What is the earliest recognizable clinical manifestation of CF? Meconium Ileus
What test aids in the diagnosis of CF? Sweat chloride test, stool for fat, chest radiograph films.
CF is suspected in a toddler. What test is essential in establishing this diagnosis? Sweat test chloride
A child with CF receives aerosolized bronchodilator medication. THis should be administered: before Chest Physiotherapy (CPT)
A child with CF is recieving recombinant human deoxyribonuclease (rhDNase). This drug: May cause voice alterations.
Pancreatic enzymes are administered to the child with CF. Nursing considerations should include what? Pancreatic enzymes can be swallowed whole or sprinkled on a small amount of food taken at the beginning of a meal.
In providing nourishment for a child with CF, what factors should the nurse keep in mind? Diet should be high in carbohydrates and protein.
CPR is begun on a toddler. What pulse is usually palpated because it is the most central and accessible? Carotid
What drug is considered the most useful in treating cardiac arrest? Epinepherine Hydrochloride
Effective CPR on a 5 year old child should include what? One breath to every 5 chest compressions.
The Heimlich maneuver is recommended for airway obstruction in children older than: 1 year
An infant has developed staphylococcal pneumonia. Nursing care of the child with pneumonia includes what? Cluster care to conserve energy. Administration of antibiotics.
The nurse is caring for a 10-month-old infant with respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) bronchiolitis. What interventions should be included in the child's care? Encourage to drink 8 ounces of formula every 4 hours. Cluster care to encourage adequate rest. Place on noninvasive oxygen monitoring.
The nurse is caring for a five-year-old who scheduled for a tonsillectomy in two hours. What actions should the nurse include in the child's post operative care plan? Notify the surgeon if the child swallows frequently. Place a child on the abdomen until fully awake. Encourage the child cough frequently.
The nurse enters a room and finds a six-year-old child was unconscious. After calling for help in before being able to use an automatic external defibrillator, what steps should the nurse take in order? Place on a hard surface. Use the head tilt chin lift maneuver, check for breathing. 2 rescue breaths. Feel carotid pulse, maintaining head tilt with other hand. Heel of one hand on lower half of sternum other hand on top. 30 compressions with 2 breat
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