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Gr 5 Ch 6 Science

Chapter 6 Clouds Grade 5

What is air that moves horizontally? Wind
Which clouds are puffy and appear to rise from a flat bottom? Cumulus clouds
What layer of atmosphere is closest to Earth? Troposphere
What is a cloud at ground level? Fog
What is vapor in the air? Humidity
What term compares the water vapor in the air with how much vapor the air could hold at that temperature? Relative humidity
What direction does a sea breeze blow? From the sea toward land
What instrument measures air pressure? Barometer
Which clouds form in blanket-like layers? Stratus
What causes the wind to curve to the right in the Northern Hemisphere? Corilois Effect
What process turns ocean water to vapor? Evaporation
What is sleet? A form of precipitation
Describe the air on a humid day. Full of water vapor
What can happen because of unequal heating and cooling of the atmospere? A convection cell
What causes water drops to form on the outside of a glass of cold water? Condensation
What process recycles water on Earth? The water cycle
What does the position of the sun directly affect? The angle of insolation
What forms at night when the air over land cools more quickly than the air over water? Land breeze
On an air pressure map, two areas with the same pressure would be where? Along the same isobar
As the weather becomes more hot and humid, what decreases? The air pressure
Temperature, air pressure, wind, and clouds are some of the conditions that form what? Weather
What measures wind speed? Anemometer
What clouds would likely not be seen on a foggy, rainy day? Cirrus clouds
What instrument shows wind direction? Wind vane
What is the outermost layer of Earth's atmosphere? Thermosphere
Winds are named for the direction they are blowing _______. from
Insolation stands for what 3 words? incoming solar radiation
Created by: Pacelli