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8Sci_Cellular Energy

Mayfield - Cellular Energy Test

What is the equation for Photosynthesis? 6CO2+6H2O+SUNLIGHT YIELDS C6H12O6+6O2
What is the equation for Cellular Respiration? C6H12O6+6O2 YIELDS 6H2O+6CO2+36ATP
What are autotrophs? producers that make thier own food
What do chloroplasts allow plant cells to do? photosynthesize
What are 3 products of lactic acid fermentation? lactic acid, ATP and CO2
What is mitochondria? it converts sugars to ATP and allows cells to respire
What is anaerobic respiration? when muscles undergo strenuous activity
What is chlorophyll? a green pigment that absorbs sunlight
What do plants close in order to prevent water loss? their stomas
What do large surface areas of leaves allow plants to do? absorb more sunlight
What is glucose? a sugar, a fuel for energy and C6H12O6
What energy does life on this planet depend on? light energy (sun)
What occurs when oxygen is present? aerobic respiration
What are the organelles that make plant cells producers? chloroplast
What does yeast use to create energy without oxygen? alcoholic fermentation
What process do animals get their energy? cellular respiration
What do animals use to create energy without oxygen? lactic acid fermentation
What is the green pigment inside chloroplasts? chlorophyll
What is photosynthesis? the process in which plants convert sunlight into energy
What means lacking oxygen? anaerobic
What is the energy currency of he cell? ATP
What is the equation for alcoholic fermentation? C6H12O6 YIELDS ETHANOL + CO2 + 2ATP
What is the equation for lactic acid fermentation? C6H12O6 YIELDS LACTIC ACID + CO2 +2ATP
Do only plants photosynthesize? yes
Do only plants respire? Why? No, plants and animals respire because plants need to get energy at night
Why is ATP considered "energy currency?" it makes glucose usable on the cellular level
What are the two stages of photosynthesis? capture sunlight and convert sunlight into glucose and energy
What is the relationship between photosynthesis and cellular respiration? reactants for one are products for the other and vice versa
Why is photosynthesis so important? it is the base of all life because it is important to producers and starts the ecological food chains/webs
Created by: ndmsteach