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Geometry C04

Wirtz Geometry C4 Vocab

altitude (c19) the height or the perpendicular distance from the base of geometric figure to the opposite vertex, parallel side, or parallel surface
area (c19) the amount of surface within a boundary
wooden (c19) made from the product of a tree
camping (c19) to live in the outdoors for a while
material (c19) the substance from which something is made
surface (c20) a portion of space having length and breadth (width) but no thickness
formula (c20) a rule in math that is written in numbers and symbols
measurements (c20) the size, weight, quantity, or amount determined by measuring
unit (c20) an amount used as a standard of measurement
convert (c20) to change into another form or substance
completely (c20) totally, all
castle (c20) a large building or group of buildings used as a place of safety
tapestry (c20) a heavy piece of cloth with pictures or patterns woven into it
goblet (c20) a drinking container with a stem and a base
squaring (c21) the operation of multiplying a number by itself
calculator (c21) an electronic machine used for figuring out math problems
opposite (c21) located or facing directly across
buzzard (c21) a large bird of prey with a hooked beak and long, sharp claws
houseboat (c21) a boat that people live on
rhombi (c22) the plural of rhombus
exercise (c22) to make your body work though activity in order to keep fit
accurate (c22) exactly correct
window (c22) an opening in the wall of a building, vehicle, etc. for the admission of air and/or light.
shutter (c22) a moveable cover for a window
important (c23) significant; worth taking seriously
remember (c23) to recall or bring back to mind
operation (c23) a mathmatical action, such as addition, subtraction, etc.
parenthesis (c23) one of the curved lines () used to enclose words, symbols, or numbers
exponent (c23) a number placed to the right of and above another number, symbol, or expression, showing how many times that number is to be multiplied by itself
apothem (c24) the perpendicular distance from the center of a regular polygon to any of its sides
artistic (c24) of or relating to art or artists
beekeeper (c24) a person who keeps bees for their honey
nectar (c24) the sweet liquid that bees collect from flowers and turn into honey
seal (c24) to cap or close