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Ch 8/9 Midwest-Logan

What are the 5 Great Lakes? Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, Superior
What are 3 major crops of the Midwest? corn, wheat, soy
What 2 groups are the Midwest states divided into? The Plains States and The Great Lake States
What 2 things cause erosion, or the wearing away of rock and soil? wind and rain
An industry that deals with farming is________. agriculture
A______is a place that is the center of activity. hub
____________is the process of bringing water to crops. Irrigation
A________is a flat-bottomed boat used to transport things. barge
What is a waterway dug across land called? canal
What do you call a long period with no rain? drought
The trading of animal skins for goods is the ________________. fur trade
What formed the Great Lakes? glaciers
Many Native Americans were forced to move to_______________. reservations
The_____________connects Lake Michigan to the Mississippi River. Illinois Waterway
The St. Lawrence Seaway connects the Great Lakes to the_______________. Atlantic Ocean
A_____________is a gated part of a canal or river that raises or lowers the water level so ships and boats can pass through. lock
A region of South Dakota with dry hills and rock formations is called the___________. badlands
The climate of South Dakota changed after the formation of the ________________. Rocky Mountains
_______________is the planting of different crops in different years. Crop rotation
A type of store where goods are either bought, sold, or traded for is a____________. trading post
The most complete skeleton of a__________ever found was in South Dakota. T-Rex
What type of shellfish invaded the Great Lakes? zebra mussel
Who helped to change farming by inventing a steel plow? John Deere
What is one advantage of shipping goods by barge? It is cheap.
One disadvantage of shipping goods by barge is that it is__________. slow
_________and__________were two of the first men to travel and explore the Mississippi River. Marquette & Jolliet
__________and__________were the two men asked to find a water route from the Midwest to the Pacific. Lewis & Clark
Name two Midwest Native American tribes. Sioux and Ojibwa
Created by: Mrs. Logan