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The Bone Wars This was a rush for KS prehistoric bones by both Edward Cope and Othniel Marsh
Who were the Kasnas/Kaw Indians? they are known as the people of the south wind they came from the midwest their native language is Kansa which is a Siouan Language
Who are the Osage? They are known as the Children of the Middle Waters They originally migrated from
Who were the Wihcita Indians? They were first discovered by de Coranado and his men while ontheir expedition They were discovered by de Coranado and his men in the Great Bend area of South Central KS
who were the Pawnee? they are originally from Nebraska and Northern KS they also lived in earth lodges
who were the Comanche Indians? They were once apart of the Shoshone Indians they were also originally from Wyoming
Whow as Coronado? his name was Francisco de Coronado he was a Spanish Explorer who came across KS in June 1541
who was Onate? founder of the first european settlements in rio grande he was also on an expedition in search of Quivera
what was quivera this was believed to be an extravagent civilization it was believed to have riches of easy wealth
el quartelejo the only know indian pueblo in Kansas
Fort de Cavagnial this was the first permanent european settlement and for within KS
The Chouteau trading empire they were an integral paprt of the economic history in the western frontier
the Louisianna Purchase this was a deal by Thomas Jefferson and Napolean this doubled the size of USA
Zebulon Pike he was an Americna Explorer and General Pikes Peakin Colorado was named after him
Created by: KyronCox