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Sci Ch 4 5th Gr

5th Grade Science Ch 4

What is any living thing that is hunted for food? prey
All the living and nonliving things in an area that interact with each other make up what? ecosystem
What is the study of interactions between living things and their environment? ecology
What animals eat both plants and animals? omnivore
What animal eats only producers? herbivore
What process changes a liquid directly into a gas? evaporation
What is the place where an organism lives? habitat
What process changes a gas into a liquid? condensation
Overlapping food chains form what? a food web
What is the continuous transfer of carbon between the atmosphere and living things? carbon cycle
Owls and hawks are what when they hunt mice? predators
The soil in an ecosystem is an example of what? abiotic factor
Animals that feed only on the remains of dead animals are what? scavengers
Denitrifying bacteria have an important role in which cycle? nitrogen cycle
In an ecosystem, a plant is an example of what? biotic factor
All the deer living in a forest ecosystem are an example of what? population
Energy passes from producers to consumers to decomposers in what? food chain
Evaporation belongs to what cycle? water cycle
Snake, lizard, bird, deer, and raccoon populations make up what? prairie community
What animal eats only other animals? carnivore
What a species eats, and the kind of environment it needs to live in are factors that determine that species' ___________. niche
What are snow, sleet, rain, and hail? precipitation
What is released into the air when fossil fuels burn? carbon dioxide
How can gardeners recycle plant materials? by composting plant waste
What organisms break down dead matter? decomposers
Can two populations have the same niche? Why? No, to have the same niche, the populations would have to be identical; have the same prey, habitat, food, predators, etc.
Give the main difference between renewable and nonrenewable resources and why it is important to conserve both. Renewable resources can be replaced; nonrenewable cannot. We might use up nonrenewable resources. It might take years to replace renewable ones.
Created by: Pacelli