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Geometry C03

GWirtz Geometry C3 Vocab

the sum of the measures of all the sides of a polygon perimeter
a unit of length equal to 1/12 of a foot inch
a unit of length equal to 39.37 inches meter
a unit of length equal to 5,280 feet mile
a unit of length equal t 1/100 of a meter centimeter
the longest side of a right triangle hypotenuse
a building where plays or movies are shown theater
one or more of the same kind; a different one another
the distance from one end of something to another length
the measurement of the extent of something from side to side width
a measurement system based counting by 10s metric
someone skilled at painting, making things, or performing in the arts artist
a road to get from one place to another route
a structure to surround or mark off an area fence
to mix up or mix together scramble
the number you get from adding two or more numbers together sum
a short way of writing a word abbreviation
to change into another form conversion (convert)
a ball game played by two teams on a long field with goals at each end with oblong ball football
a game played with a bat and a ball and two teams baseball
a picture made with a pencil, pen, etc. drawing
a border that surrounds and holds something frame
a shape with four equal sides, like a square standing on one of its corners diamond
two things that match or go together pair
a platform on which actors and other entertainers perform stage
not boring, holding attention interesting
a five-sided polygon pentagon
a six-sided polygon hexagon
a seven-sided polygon heptagon
an eight-sided polygon octagon
a nine-sided polygon nonagon
a ten-sided polygon decagon
canvas attached to a frame by elastic ropes or springs and used for jumping trampoline
free from danger, risk, or injury safety
to put together join
a quadrilateral in which all of the sides are of equal length rhombus
not the same different
a quadrilateral with two pairs of parallel sides parallelogram
a triangle in which all sides are different lengths scalene triangle
a point where two rays meet to form an angle vertex
a straight line or line segment connecting two or more vertices of a polygon that are not next to each other diagonal
a polygon with four sides and four angles quadrilateral
a triangle in which all three internal angles are less than 90 degrees acute triangle
a unit for measuring arcs and angles degree