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all of the living and nonliving things in an area ecosystem
any living thing organism
a group of organisms of the same kind that live in an ecosystem population
all of the populations that live in an ecosystem community
an organism that makes its own food producer
an organism that gets energy from eating other organisms consumer
consumers that eat meat carnivores
consumers that eat plants herbivores
consumers that eat plants and meat omnivore
organisms that get energy by breaking down the remains of dead organisms decomposers
a model that shows the path of energy as it flows from one living thing to the next food chain
several connected food chains or paths that show the flow of energy food web
a biome that may be cold or hot, but is always dry desert
the biome that has more insects than any other biome rainforest
the biome known as the bread basket of the world grassland
another name for grassland prairie
the trees in this biome lose their leaves in the winter deciduous
a very large ecosystem biome
tropical rainforest are found near the equator
Taiga or coniferous biomes have trees with - cones and needle like leaves
A biome with very little plants and a permanently frozen subsoil tundra
Fresh water and marine water would be this type of biome aquatic biome
a period of dryness when precipitation is less than normal drought
rain, snow, sleet, or hail precipitation
this animal is a carnivore lion
this animal is an herbivore deer
this animal is an omnivore bear
an example of a natural resource water
a predicted answer to a scientific question hypothesis
When both sides of an object are the same symmetry
What unit would you use to measure a schoolbus? meter
What unit would you use to measure the water in a fish tank? liter
What unit would you use to measure your weight? gram
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