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A group of parts that work together system
Move in a path around the sun revolve
A repeated set of changes pattern
A huge ball of hot gas that gives off its own light star
sun, planets, asteroids, meteors, comets solar system
A large round body in space that moves around a star planet
A curved path that a space body moves around orbit
A natural object that moves in an orbit around a planet moon
Unlike the sun, a planet does not give off its own- light
The largest object in our solar system sun
The sun is a medium or average sized - star
The rise or fall of ocean water tide
Planets closer to the sun take a ________time to make one orbit- shorter
Planets further from the sun take a _______time to make one orbit longer
__________show how the parts of a system affect each other. patterns
A diagram that shows how something works is an example of a model
The blanket of air that surrounds earth is the atmosphere
Large hollow pits made by something that hits a planet is a crater
To spin rotate
An imaginary line that goes from the North Pole to the South Pole on which earth rotates axis
It takes earth ------to rotate once on its axis 24 hours
The part of earth that faces the sun is having- daylight
The line where earths surface and the sky seem to meet- horizon
The time when the sun comes up over the horizon sunrise
The time when the sun appears to f-all below the horizon sunset
A dark area formed when light is blocked shadow
Shadows are ______ in the mornings and evenings. long
Shadows are ________around noon when the sun is high in the sky. short
The shapes of the lit part of the moon we see at night phases
This moon looks like no moon at all (We cannot see it) New moon
When we see the entire shape of the moon full moon
The length of the lunar cycle 28 to 29 days
When the lighted part of the moon is getting larger waxing
When the lighted part of the moon is getting smaller waning
What is the source of the moon's light? the sun
The tides change everyday because of the affect that the moon's _________has on earth. gravity
Shadows are longer when the sun is _________in the sky. lower
Shadows are shortest when the sun is ________in the sky. higher
Craters on the moon are large hollow pits.
When earth is turning on its axis it is - revolving
Seasons, tides, moon phases, day and night, shadows all have patterns because they repeat their cycles
Created by: kemberlian